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Welcome to Thee Show

Z would like to Welcome thee to Thee Uncondemning Monk

This blog-site is under constant re-construction as we setup to go even fucking furthur. In the not too distant future, we plan to have a fuller network for you to peruses, to appease the flaneur that you are. Since we are, all peeping toms, why not take a good look at this new and emerging project. Much that is apt to change, musical styles shift and fade, reverberate and dissipate as we explore The Third Mind, Magick & Psychology, Complex Dynamic Systems, the 23rd current, 93rd, 158/663, and all other currents, -∞ to ∞ and currents beyond.

GREETINGS TO ALL, especially to the DKMU, the Infinity Network, and AIN23.
WHEN ALL is said and done, I have more than one face. I don't know which is laughing at which (Bataille, On Nietzsche, Boone Translation, p. 68)
“We sorcerers know quite well that the contradictions are real but that real contradictions are not just for laughs" (Gillies Deleuze & Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus)  
Concerning the Twisted Belt-Loop: By the tropical (or solar) zodiac used by astrologers the Sun always enters the sign of Aries at the spring equinox, and that of Libra at the autumn equinox. However, by the sidereal (or stellar) zodiac the Sun now enters the sign of Aquarius at the spring equinox, and Leo at the autumn equinox. This is the “fall of the Great Equinox”, for the wheel of time (the precessional Great Year of 26,000 years) begins at Leo the Lion, according to the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. We are now at the exact mid point of that wheel – the “fall” or autumn of the Great Year.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Agitation Φ & Thee Um - Thee Network Infinite Gravity

Our latest collaborations is where we'll start our long over due post. Thee Uncondemning Monk has a new ally, Agitation Φ (Phi). Agitation Φ and Thee Um crossed sonic paths about two months ago via a mutual interest. What happened was Agitation Φ noticed a post promoting one of the latest products of the Coyotel #ARTWAR, started by Coyotel Magus Steven J. Leyba. The recent product Agitation Φ noticed the #ARTWAR Cd, which Thee Um did a reading for, on the first track. The ARTWAR CD  is just one product in the on going Coyotel ART WAR.

As and FYI, Rev. Al L. Aguero, Thee Um, has been working on a identity magick chapter for an up and coming ART WAR Manual, in the works. It should come out sometime late 2016, but no release date has yet been set. But getting back to Agitation Φ and Thee Um, having noticed our work with Coyotel, Agitation Φ and Thee Um were able to form what is known as a Third Mind.  They have been documenting their collaborations on soundcloud. Not only did they realize that they share sonic worlds, they also realized they had other magickal interests besides Coyotel, such as the work of TOPY and its later manifestations such as, AIN23. These respective landscapes and shared notions of musicality allowed them to form a Third Mind, a double star, what some might call a star-star, as each artist engaged in their one take off the cuff jams.

Agitation Φ 
& Thee Uncondemning Monk work by playing in the moment. Each jamming off of the others' tracks. For example, Agitation Φ would provide a ritual magick bass track to Thee Um who would in turn jam to that track creating new layers, all in done in the moment. Speaking of Agitation Φ's bass work, we would like to attempt to describe her sound. Her bass tracks often implores a multitude of honed effects. which are melded into rhythms produced by her use of drum machines. These are then merged with the bass and effects into various wild, but controlled, synth-sounds to create her sonic multiverse. The bass is bad ass and leaves little, if anything, to be desired. Which is why, at first, Thee Um thought that there was little that they could add. So Thee Um did not simple add a layer, or that is the layers that Thee Um did add were more of a way to re-frame Agitation Φ's works. Thee Um strategically deployed various synthetic keyboard sounds, as a way to underline and re-frame or augment Agitation Φ's pattern with patterns, thereby meeting her bass on its own terms. At first, Thee Um, allowed Agitation Φ bass to dominate, as not to drowned out her excellent work. But as Thee Um grew in confidence and become more accustom to Agitation Φ's style, his layers come up to equal it; creating a new whole that neither dominates nor is dominated by the bass work. As we continued to engage in the process, new sonic landscapes appeared, opening up experimental possibilities which availed themselves to each artist. On another quick note, we soon found that Agitation Φ also has a special knack for taking Thee Um's daily hygienic soundwerks and turning them into crazy sound animals that are most monstrous & divine. Together they have begun a project of creating various magickal soundwerks and are working towards building bridges with other artists - through the gravity of sound & Art through Coyotel - Thee Network. Take a listen to the Third Mind o.v. Agitation Φ & Thee Um.

We would now like to take this opportunity to highlight a few tracks. This is our popular solo work, "Can I Be TV Too." And as earlier we were speaking of Coyotel and the connections that connect Agitation Φ & Thee Um, we present, "Dark Ra Ov Trinity," as it includes audio from Magus Leyba & Hannah Haddix speaking on the subject of pandrogeny. "Skulls Of Bees Transforming Thee," is one of the first attempts, on Thee Um's end, to work with a track by Agitation Φ. And this is the way in which we work, going back and forth, one idea or track feeding thee other; from which we build and re-build various works, such as "And Thee Clock Struck 23," which is, we checked, the first work that had any collaborative efforts - check it out, you will enjoy this tick-rock-tock de-mark-action o.v. T.I.M.E. -- back and forth we go, in an infinitely strange-loop, generating new ideas and conceptual plans for current and future soundwerks.

Our collaboration has pushed me into new areas of experimental music. It has also brought me back to re-working with cut-ups, as well as moving closer towards full development of our fusing and slumping technique, truly exemplified here on, "
Grace Karvoz And Me," a technique taken from glass blowing and now applied to audio, as well as textual materials. Another of the new experimental avenues we have been playing in are extratone and vaporwave; the mixture of these micro-genres. If you are unfamiliar with extratone, extratone is about creating over a thousand note per sec creating a tone instead of notes, not unlike black-midi, and vaporwave is music meant to be listened to on drugs that make you slow, like special-k or the magical-h. As such we have too be experimenting with the scene of the k and h and pushing the soundwerk into new directions - again, of combining extratone with vaporwave. We Are Drugs - We are thee New Government, We are the Scene! Welcoum To Thee Network - The Next Way On!

Winding down this post, we wanted to speak of an influence of ours that we have found helps people understand some of our musicality and our rationales for soundwerkings -- which are various, often trance inducing, but when they are not trance inducing, when they aim to break the trance states that too many people find themselves lost in, we turn to Captain Beefheart, and our mutual disdain for 4/4 time. Having a deep and abiding love for Captain Beefheart, our keyboard work, again, has found its thesis in rapidly changing riffs which are combined with hypnotic and non-hypnotic b-ass undertones and resonate organ type sonic tones (which find a prominent place in many of our recent tracks). In terms of fusing and slumping, we have done a few in tribute to the mystical passing of moon child David Bowie, as well as to celebrate Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) birthday, RAW passed on in 2007. Bowie passed to that celestial lodge - his soul through the sun - black star - star star, three days after his video "Lazarus " was released. We have dedicated two tracks, "Star Star Nova," and "
Star Star Daath Version Aleph" to Bowie and one in particular to RAW and Bowie (but all are to both RAW and Bowie), see also, Juju on the Raw.

One can find some (not all, we are working on gathering them into this playlist) of our collaborations with Agitation
Φ here: Agitation Φ & Thee Um.

And some of our recent works here --- Thee Um (recent stuff)

and our cut-up and fusing & slumping works here: Cut-Up -- Fuse & Slump!

Well, speaking of cutting, we are cutting it here, and will post again soon, for we have much much more to tell you!

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soundwerks which you can find here via soundcloud --

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ritual Curses of Coyotel No Path

Sometimes one act of cursing isn't enough, we miss the mark, and i mean mark, like a conman means mark, a vic, like an arrow or a dagger that stabs at that mark. And so as a plan of attack, I have decided multiple stabs, and that these curses will appear and be released firstly as an audio ritual-curse, and then next as a video ritual curse (done alone), and finally, with the other two acting as preparations for what will be continued and culminated as and in public participation Coyotel curses -- which too will be recorded; Burroughs said to Leyba, said to me, "Record EVERYTHING." 

At this moment I am planning three curses: one for the NSA, another for the Art World, and one Death Curse for Nestle, and that listing is not the order of ritual priority. I am aiming for the public curses to be held next Summer, space and location will be announced at least two months in advance (and will be working with other local and regional Coyotels to make this reality real), but we will see how time, health, space, etc. work out. Allow just a brief explanation:

For the NSA: concerning this matter of privacy I've take a stance much like W.S. Burroughs, whereby privacy is an illusion we give each other out of respect, but going the other way towards total exposure YET, and importantly, without the NSA having a privileged secret position.

On "The ART" world -- that curse is meant to liberate artists and their art, cursing and challenging those privileged positions of the Art Gallery, the mass-market-art-production, and those that control architecture, etc, as those and that which controls/dictates the scripting of cultural spaces and exploits its talent. Remember the message is the medium, and content is just another medium. This too, as with each curse, will start as audio and move towards video and then public curses. There public staying power will be dictated by participation.

And lastly - that I am going to work on - is a Nestle Curse to Coincide with Oct 17th event in California -- it will be done that day to help enhance the Death Curse Against Nestle. And so this will prob. be the 1st curse that I get to work on. And then that curse will follow the plan of the others.
Hail to the New Flesh!
Rev. A.A., , Coyotel Rising!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Celebrating Die Elektrischen Vorspiel 6th Anniversary


We will keep this short. We of Thee Uncondemning Monk Momus aka Thee UM, Rev. Al L. Aguero, are celebrating the 6th anniversary of blog-site/project Die Elektrischen Vorspiel, by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo. As such, we created a rendition of our track, Invocation ov William S. Burroughs, a magical invocation & soundwork of and for William S. Burroughs. The track was reworked explicitly for this celebration. An explanation of this project is reprinted below (written by J. Mendes).

Reprinted from Die Elektrischen Vorspiele

Die Elektrischen Vorspiele’s 6th anniversary  compilation album, featuring:
Angélica V. Salvi, João Pais Filipe, Kanukanakina, AC//HHYNova Orquestra Futurista do Porto, HystericalOneManOrchestraEvil Schmidt , Terra Oca , Sturqen, Thee UM Rev Al L Aguero, Walt Thisney , Marc Hurtado , Val Denham (with Farmacia), Harpoemacto.

This album is released by EdP – Editora do Porto. Available here as a free download.

Et Quid Amabo Nisi Quod Aenigma Est?
Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, a blog founded on January 15 2009, and whose sixth anniversary is commemorated with this release, was envisioned as a space for the nurturing of a “savage thought” (that is, of an undisciplined nature). In its essence, and as an individual project, it aims mostly to be a vehicle for its author’s vast-reaching interests, while at the same time harnessing them into some form of discipline. More than just a reflection on the fascination caused by the themes implicit to its lexical field of action, as shown by the coordinates and key concepts that define the boundaries of its territory, i.e. “Occultism” / “Esotericism”, this virtual space mainly maps some of the topologies enclosed in the History of Ideas. A vast and sometimes ignored area of Knowledge, whose apparently paradoxical character drives a magnetic pull towards the need to identify its true nature, as ubiquitously manifested along various historical cycles, in an unending drama staged in the theatre of the Anima Mundi. This is, in fact, the true raison d’être of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele.
As a direct result of its existence, November 2010 saw the publication of the book “Summa Techno(i)logicae”. This work, as implied by its title, is a thoroughly compiled and systematized patchwork reflecting the interests that guide its author’s research. From then on, periodic collaborations with other projects ensued, such as the magazines “Finis Mundi”, “Infernus” and “Antibothis”.
Still under the aegis of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, and always through the establishment of complicities and connections, a number of events were created and carried out in the past six years. This set of actions (with Music as a constant common denominator) has had as its main goal the evocation of the life and work of various figures that have left behind crucial legacies. The people celebrated include the musician John Balance (Coil); the historian of religions Mircea Eliade; the poet and theatre director Antonin Artaud; the philosopher Georges Bataille; and the japanese writer Yukio Mishima. It is also worth mentioning the series of events spanning along the year 2013, Occult Esoterica AV Gatherings, curated in collaboration with intermedia artist Ana Carvalho.
The proposal made to EdP – Editora do Porto (in the person of its administrator, João Ricardo) for the release of this compilation emerges as a consequence of shared common cosmologies which have gradually been transmuted into friendship, and also of João Ricardo’s encyclopaedic musical knowledge, while the invitations made to the artists taking part in it are the logical result of a chaining together of elective affinities (a process permanently taking place since the first Homeric dawn).
Júlio Mendes Rodrigo
Porto, December 23, anno 2014, era vulgaris

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Website For Thee Uncondemning Momus and AE

New Websites. Yes, there are new websites and new urls (eventually*) such that will point to the A.A.U.M. google-site. For now, just click on this A.A.U.M. Site, and that will always get you there. As for AE, we do not yet own a unique URL for that site, but work is in progress.

First lets talk about the AE Site, because there is perhaps a little more to say, and then our new site for Thee Uncondemning Momus, aka Rev. Al L. Aguero.

Æ stands for Autonomous Explorations. As such, what we envision is many bright-lights coming together to flesh out the site in time. As such, we have created to continue to explore and transform (assualt even at time) reality and our worlds, as well as World Writ Large. Ah, so much to do, so much to talk about, we get such little time. And we plan on using that time to its fullest. Here is the basics behind Æ. which is the network, and open to all who are able to come up and enjoin with us.

Æ is formation of individuals interested in creating a mesh of headless (non-hierarchical) rhizomatic networks, of collectives based on principles o.v. (but in no way limited to) William S. Burroughs Third Mind, as well as phalanstère as imagined by Charles Fourier (as an example). We are a new non-organization, seeking to promote some concepts. Our goal is to realize the various rhetoricians that have inspired the events of our mutual co-operations. Æ is a splace where we can use our difference as well as commonalities to bridge our worlds, to question authority, disarm undo imposed control systems (internal and external), to move forward further as a real next way on together... being-in-our-worlds-together... our contrapuntal dancing is an invitation that you have been waiting to see... it not about membership... its about connecting... we are a brother-sisterhood of autonomous explorers.

Okay, moving on... for more info... see the website, oh, and we also have the 24/7 Video channel Æ

And now A.A.U.M. is equivalent to Rev. Al L. Aguero, Uncondemning Momus. As such we have lunched a webpage and a video series entitled, A.A.U.M. Speaks. Our page is about us as scholar, magickian, organizer, ART-WAR, Coyotel Reverend and more. Our video series, well, we want to get out our ideas we are working on for our books, as well as information that we want to attempt to communicate to the world. And so, we have now started this little 15 min or so videos, we're we speak about this or that topic. Check it out, its got four videos and will have at least one or two a week added, most like many more.

Well, that all we really have to say. Again on the youtube video series AAUM SPEAKS we finally explain our Red Goddess project, so that might interest some. Anyway, until then, Let's Rock!

**Urls will be changing and we will update you with all that.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thee Up and Coming Album Songs: or, yes we have songs by Thee UM

Greetings fellow travelers,

We have a special treat for you all. Circa 2001-2005 we not only wrote an album (which we never published or did much with, besides give it to people and let them listen). Anyway, we wrote this untitled album, which are track 8-12 (mainly), and it sat around on this or that hardrive, cd, whatever. So, finally we have decided that not only will we release that, but all the works we did with our soundwork partner at that time Phil Indrick, who will be known as Mr. Pi, or just Pi. Anyway, Pi and Thee UM created this here album. It was written off the cuff, as are all our works (most -- we do go back and re-work some, improve them over time by repeatedly playing them), and it was done on cheap tape-records, old PCs running Win98, and the like. So, what we are planning is to take the songs we had written and re-do them for an LP to come out in 2015/2016 some time. Its the third album on our list of albums or soundwork projects. Anyway, we wanted to point out a few tunes that really highlight what will be coming down the pike in 2015-16. We are just going to list them and let you all check them out for yourselves. We prob. have more to say about them, but not now.


Okay. Tracks - Note: Malachi Levi Spectrum (MLS) and St. Stephen are both Thee Uncondemning Momus/MONK players. For more information -- read our blog more... but these are our songs, not Mr. Pi's songs... the other unlisted (here, not listed here in this blog) tracks are done by us both! Okay, these are Thee UM tracks that we wanted to bring to your attention [note: you might have to turn up the volume, bad recordings]:

7. Malachi Levi Spectrum (that is Thee UM) - "Descend"
8. St. Stephen Malachi Levi Spectrum (thee um) - "Holy Fire Law"
9. "Moon"
10. "Moon" (again?)
11. St. STephen Al Aguero - "Descend"
12. SSMS - "Prophet of Fire"

Okay. So those are the main tracks, songs, yes, SONGS of Thee Uncondemning Momus. Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Broken Music Box (released)

The Broken Music Box, by Phil Indrick (Mr. Pi) & Thee UM is now RELEASED FOR FREE (soundcloud)

What is this? Why do you care? Its our Glitch Project, sound/keyboard (its the glitched instrument) -- which made the basis for this project... we worked all sounds and ideas around its glitching (even when you don't hear glitch its there glitch, informing everything we construct... of course we 'de-glitched' a lot of it for sound continuity, but that keyboard malfunctioning was the heart of the project.

We will re-explain...

This is The Broken Music Box, by Phil Indric(k) and Thee Uncondemning Monk

This was our 1st -- First -- GLITCH PROJECT ---

The year was 2002,

One winter day, in Binghamton, New York (USA), during one of our frequent drunken episodes, Phil and Momus, who normally had a few after we were both done with our work (Phil was a bell-hop, and Momus was a stay at home telemarketer, private for an auto-insurance company that two woman owned,) and so after work was done and Phil got home we tie one on, get all drunken & high, get Momus all RAW with his bad self, honesty and truth not far behind that mouth o.v. Momus... seriously, Momus has a Mouth... a really brutally honest mouth, that prob. knows no bounds... well, Phil liked it and would encourage the Mouth of Momus to come out and play some music... well one day the batteries on our keyboard started to die... we where using it for its beats, you know how those 'cheap' keyboards would have like all the so-called standard, samba, mamba, beats? well, it would like try to play the pattern but it couldn't but still wanted too (batteries... that are about to die, or all dead minus one or two, whatever it takes to make it work but not -- to glitch or not to glitch is never a question)

... well let's start or I wanna tell this again

so you see/read/K-listen, okay? m-kay?

so we we had this project and it was known as the Broken Music Box, our 1st glitch sound-work... what we did was put batteries that were about to die out, into a keyboard which has beats that would play, press button beats, and it would attempt to play the pattern it was set to, but since i was running low or fluxing low on battery-power, juice, it would get all random but still in a pattern, very fun...

Mr. Pi wrote some beats, I wrote some beats... we would go back and forth with these until you have what you have here today... we only hope that Phil is as happy with the sounds as we of the Jack Frost Committee are!

Okay.. we hope you enjoy this work... its free and yeah... BUT WE REALLY REALLY NEED $$$ -- Thee Uncondemning Momus aka Al L. Aguero, is not working at the moment, he is trying for disability because of crippling bout of Rheumatoid Arthritis, IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY, MONITARILY -- this is the TIME = please send a donation (we give away our works, our sounds, we put ourselves out there for you, for us, for myself, so if you dig what we do, please help us to keep doing it... and yeah, paypal to (whatever you are able to afford, what is our worth... we hope its something). The Best in Chaos and Love. Prof. Al L. Aguero aka Thee Uncondemning Momus.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Double Morrison Granted: Fusing and Slumping in Process

Double Morrison,

Ah, we are in some ways inspired by Ellis D. William's Double Crowley, just a tidbit from the name or idea of doubling a personality, the doubling aspect (but the similarity and similitude ends at the words resonations that moves towards total proliferation from any ideal-fidelity and conceptual constellations we might have or do still on other levels in other manners/terms/goals/wars/and struggles share in that accursed part maudite). Yet our doubling is of two personae, Jim Morrison and Grant Morrison (to overly self important peoples, who well, there is much that we see that we can use to allign and destroy these to images of thought, creating our constellations for destruction) which we see as complementary and comparable and therefore composite -able. As such we have made the decision to create a composite fused and slumped (the first real attempt at fusing and slumping as intended as an extension of William S. Burroughs use of the cut-up techniques, as well as his use of identity-kits).
Okay. What we are planning its to bring both of their works into contact through our soundworkings. And from this creation of a new fused and slumped personae, transform, shatter, whatever the case maybe. As we move through and further into our project which continues unfolding and revealing its value to ourselves. For new figurations and new ways onward, fueling desire now for possibilities seeded and manifestation (of our unconscious) to come. Okay. More on this some other time.

Thee Uncondemning Momus (M.O.N.K.)

IF you want to contact us, the best way is via FaceBook Message: Thee Uncondemning Momus

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

We Are - Erasure Doing Until Undone

And Finally,

We have reached the stage where we will be putting on the masks of history, wearing the names, as we begin so exhaustion to erasure. Exploring along our way, find out what works and does not work for us in our quest to exhaust and erase. We will be starting with Jim Morrison and other figure currently to dangerous to speak of. In time. In time (as legions say). And so, we will take on the name, the poetical clown, Morrison, and attempt to brush the genius that was this soul as we recreate renditions never duplication; always inspired by soul. This is but the first step, the first figuration in a parade yet to coum. But its couming, its on the horizon with Morrison darling. And even if the Door the movie was a sham, it was a glitter soulful sham of mythic proportions and we are after soul. Soul in the sense that Howard Bloom means soul when he speaks of the artists he has help form - their souls.

And so. We have taken our first step. We are not happy with it, but it is ours and it has begun. We now turn to our keys to construct a more fitting soundwork for this song. And yet here is A Little Game Too. And so, we continue on our works. We continue to work on the Eps and Lps. We know that we will have something out for Feb. 5th 2015. We are looking into netlabels and their possibilities before releasing a bandcamp. But no matter what, there will be something by Feb. 5th 2015. If not earlier, like prob an Ep (to get up warmed up with BandCamp and really the whole Ep/Lp 'album' as a whole from parts process) for Thanks Giving. That will be a hoot as you can imagine. And then off course an XMESS Ep. Because we LOVE XMESS. And then yeah we should be in good shape and so should the tracks for our Lp(s). And by then we will know where we are with any netlabels. Of course, we will keep you all informed. We appreciate those that appreciate and those that we have come to collaborate with because of this project. And in many ways this project has only now just begun. Okay. Onto the mad parade, its speed and intensity, that is in the fray - we will take it phase by phase... welcome to the mad parade, fuck me until I see god - until divinity - until i see beyond the veil and meet the entities -- fuck me, anally that is the sex exhaustion secret of the OTO - Go Crowley -- Go Foucault.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prof. Um's Lectures: couming up to date by revisiting that passed

As of recent we have been working to organize, gather up our various lectures and passed works. We have been doing this for all of our projects, whether they be academic in nature or not. We have been gathering up passed materials from our work on Burroughs and Deleuze*, and even more so our work on Our Red Goddess project, from which our work on Burroughs and Gysin, is but a part thereof. So we decided we would do a blog post to help get our essays, lectures, related whatnots, out there for all the world to experience, as well as share.

Okay. Let's start with one of those essays. Basically all the works can be found here on our Google Drive. But we want to highlight some papers in particular. Note, we are also on Mendeley. On Mendeley (an academic social media site), we can be found under the name St. Stephen (of Binghamton University -- our ex-place of work). Okay, getting that info out of the way, let's take a look at the first paper we want to highlight.

The title of this work is simply, Benjamin and Nature, its really an over view of Our Red Goddess and overall life long project. This is not merely academic. No, we have left the university. We understand that site of power, the nexus that is the university, which only exists as the actual practices that constitute it, such as going to class, giving lectures, all that that actually happens at the university is what constitutes it, out side of those practices and actions, there is no university. Anyway, we speak a bit about this in our paper. We could have been revolutionaries, real radical power regimes that changed worlds, instead we sold out to become academics. Academics are understood as inifectual. They are not unlike homosexual and artists, as such they aren't seen as that much of a threat. And as Burroughs once said (or at least because of the movie, Naked Lunch, the quote is now attributed to him), "homosexuality is the best cover an agent ever had." Which is why we are engaged in an Art-War, rather than a revolutionary whatever. Now the text, Benjamin and Nature, can be found by clicking on the "here" link, or on any of linked paper titles.

Okay, and now we are going to give you a little excerpt from our work, with hopes that that excerpt will entice you to actually take the time and read our work(s). And while we would love to hear feedback, what we are more interested in gaining allies. As the essay states, this project is not something that can be done alone. The essay also explains our use of We. This use of "we" - that we often use in place of "I" has often been very problematic for others, but if you know, then you know we as singularities are never one, we are multiplicities, our very bodies are made up of a myriad of individuals - think about our guts, its flora and fauna. That is what we mean - but not only what we mean. Okay, and so without further ado, here are those excerpts:

We kept this distinction, this dialect of judgment of man and nature, this bifurcation, in order to keep playing dumb, for by making animals and nature separate and dumb we disguise our amorality, the brutality of our sciences. We must be poised to see ourselves in our totality, if we judge we will judge ourselves good and evil. Where will we find ourselves once we admit that fish and rats have feelings? Or that it really is murder, what men do in war. We know the truth well.
Dreaming a new dream means forsaking an old one; a dream we do not even recognize as a dream, we just call it, ‘the way it is.’ Well, ‘there is the way it is, and the way it could be,’ and we are interested in hearing about this way it could be, from more than popular (commercially sponsored) fiction (often sci-fi or fantasy) writers, of various utopian and dystopian themes. We want everybody dreaming these new dreams to each other, and to find the ways in which to live these dreams. The experimental communities are still alive, even if they do not exist in the American press/media streams.

Okay. So that does it for now. We will post more about this as time goes on.

Note: the single gift that decorates this post is called, Transmute, and is by Magus Steven J. Leyba.

*see the series from Deleuze's Logic of Sense, "The Crack-Up"

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