Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monsteration of the Desert Sound

The Video*, presented below, is a gift to you. It is Thee Uncondemning Monk's experience tunneled through to the medium where we, The Jack Frost Committee™, entered in to pick this up (complete credits here) . The entire work reflects the past seven months of their experience with not only the most recent process of creating the compilation, but also their relationship to thee One True TOPI Tribe. What is perhaps most interesting, is that the video was made in the room in which the song was written and recorded, as well as were many a project ideas have been birthed, aborted and/or put up for adoption. A virtual window to the TOPI tribe, allowing those who can coum-to-gather, and touch hands, in LovE & coum-Unity, as stated on mission statement one, of the tribe. And to those reading, from the tribe, yes, yes that is the One True TOPI Tribe Book, from the mail art (sigil) project. All is dedicated to the Third Mind and for the greater realization of the One True TOPI Tribe.

Again for more information see these links:
One True TOPI Tribe: (listen to the Thelma Now I & II podcast)
One True TOPI Tribe Compilation (bandcamp/prerelease):   (release/realization date: 23 August, 2011)
Thee Uncondemning Monk (blog):
Thee Uncondemning Monk (bandcamp): http://theeuncondemingmonk.ban...

This is only the beginning... "Hail to the New Flesh, Death to the Image"
Stay tuned! Over the next year or so we will continue to explore what it means for theology and material science, indeed the monstrosity we sometimes call humanity, to seriously consider the "second death."

*this was/is a fragment of the Skiddoo 32, On 23 Skiddoo Street™ project


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