Saturday, April 28, 2012

What inspires Thee Uncondemning Monk? Not hard to guess with a flag that size...

Field Report: The Jack Frost Committee has been taken over, so to speak, by new additions to the committee. Also, as a related consequence of these new comrades Skybird was but a clerical illusion. We here at the gated office have a problem of an erasing memory, our codes are for better and worse relied upon for verification, and yet it is know that there have been cases where entire identities and profile clusters are wiped from digital storage-time... follow as you may the broken pages... she no longer is and St. Stephen no longer, in any sense of the word, in control. Aglaeca has resumed and absorbed some of the remaining power, yet the bulk of the com-directives are coming from the new members of the committee, members that choose to remain anonymous at present-future time, of course they support full disclosure in non emergency situations, we pray that time will arrive. Instead we turn to what inspires us at the committee:

We live in a contradiction: a brutal state of affairs, profoundly inegalitarian–where all existence is evaluated in terms of money alone–is presented to us as ideal. To justify their conservatism, the partisans of the established order cannot really call it ideal or wonderful. So instead, they have decided to say that all the rest is horrible.(

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