Monday, July 2, 2012

Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversations around Georges Bataille

          7 July 2012 at 15:30H 
Centro Unesco do Porto / Rua José Falcão nº100 / 4050-Porto


Die Elektrischen Vorspiele Negra Tinta Editorial, in collaboration with Fundação Engº António de Almeida, are pleased to invite all interested to attend the event titled Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversas em torno de Georges Bataille” (Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversations around Georges Bataille).

The major aim of this event is to honor the figure of Georges Bataille on the year that commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of his death. The event will take place at Centro Unesco do Porto, with presentations by the poet José Emílio-Nelson, and professor Rowan G. Tepper (Binghamton University – EUA). Moderation by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo.

José Emílio-Nelson was born in 1948, in Espinho. He is poet, critic and editor. His poetry is compiled in two volumes: A Alegria do Mal Obra Poética I (1979-2004) and Ameaçado Vivendo Obra Poética II (2005-2009).

Rowan G. Tepper is academic from United States. His research interests circulate around authors as Michel FoucaultGeorges Bataille and Pierre Klossowski. He teaches Compared Literature at Binghamton University (USA). He is the author of the work “Michel Foucault: Toward a Philosophy and Politics of the Event” (2010).

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo has been playing an active role, since 2009, in programming and production of events, held under the aegis of his personal blog "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele." Lecturer, researcher and writer, has published several articles, crossing areas as diverse as Cyberculture, Psychoanalysis, Literature, Religion and Esotericism. He is the author of the book “Summa Techno(i)logicae” published by Negra Tinta Editorial (2010).

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