Monday, October 29, 2012

Around the Corner: A Broken Music Box

Year and years ago now, there was a project called The Broken Music Box. The project was largely manned by Phil Indrick, and supported by the Uncondemning Monk, as we would work to build various beats and textures. The original project is somewhat lost, and amongst what is lost is a soundtrack to the movie Nosferatu and another for Metropolis. IF we can ever get a hold of Phil and get him to finally launch either of those projects, as they were intended as live soundtracks played to these two films, shown independently of  each other of course, or at least serially. But what we do have to offer is a take of the Broken Music Box Project, called A Broken Music Box: 23 Letters Collection (missing letters), exhibiting the potential of what was and may still be, if lines of transmission can reach out to Phil, lest we start another broken music box machine.

SEMI-Table C-42
SEMI-Table E-32
SEMI-Table Z-93
FULL-lever X-21

Z-Total-manipulator ::  aeffect disorder code 172.37

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

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