Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Short & Quick of I.T. - W/here we're at

We are going to get to the quick of it... here is a list of projects we are working on

AIN23 Vol 8. of 23 Seconds o.v. Time (Nov. 1st, 2013 -deadline, see url for more information, it is a ratio zero event, open to all):

We are working with the KotF to come out with both a Children's Album, as well as a 2nd LP (more on that as it develops), hence our work on a children's album has been redirected to this project.

Now, Where is our Clown Nose?
We continue with our daily soundwork project, known as The Devil on the Front Porch & Devils Inside, which is the building block to the album we would like to see come out no later than the end of 2014.

We are also working on a few writings, one for the next Coyotel Tricksters' book, which will be known as the Terrorist Manual, and will also be working with Jason D, to create a Third Mind Text (we do not know, as of yet if Sid will be involved). If all goes well with that 3rd Mind text, and we still have a desire to do so, we might also go further with the text and create an entire book. The ideas are under all that emanates from the Dojo o.v. Thee Yippie Aiki and the concept of Terrorist-Prankster, in the tradition of such figures as Abbie Hoffman, groups like the Diggers, the French Resistance (WII anti-Nazi), Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA), Against the Wall Motherfuckers, and others in these loving veins (yes, this is blowing minds not blowing up people, we are anti that sort of self-sacrifice), as we work to transform the fascist potential of the Eternal Enemy, that this totalitarian neo-Platonic image that the Radical or Extremist Islamic Terrorist affords Control. Our Terrorist-Prankster cuts both ways, mocking the all too serious, non-dancing Islamic radical conservatives as well as the Control systems of the west, governments, corporations, et al., that would use them against our freedom. Remember, only 1% is Free.

We have decided to suspend the release of our older project Broken Music Box, as we are unable to contact the other member, and after much soul-searching have decided its not right to put it out there without his permission. Who knows, in time we might change our mind...

So that is what has been shaking here and there with gang that is Thee UM. Remember to visit our soundcloud to hear our experiments which mostly all aimed at our major release this 2014, which will include, spoken work, concrete music, electric and acoustic guitar, hand-drums, flutes, all sorts of electronic music, keys, and digital manipulations, cut-ups, fusing and slumping, and really all we have been engaged in over the last year, year and a 1/2. We also plan to release poetry and paintings by Thee UM as part of the release... which will also be a cumulation of our various digital photography and drawing/paintings... as we continue to explore sound and light -- from the scream to bleeding a body of material-light. Until them... How are you short-circuiting CTRL?

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange); please go NOW to and donate to we accept any and all monetary donations there, again to -- donate amounts with significant frequencies encoded, such as $9.99, $19.98, $23, $23.23, $32.33, $33.32, $42.42,  $49.95, $99.99, or even a whopping $930.23 [seriously, whatever you can afford, and only what you can afford, will really make the difference and show your support in a big way!]

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