Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prof. Um's Lectures: couming up to date by revisiting that passed

As of recent we have been working to organize, gather up our various lectures and passed works. We have been doing this for all of our projects, whether they be academic in nature or not. We have been gathering up passed materials from our work on Burroughs and Deleuze*, and even more so our work on Our Red Goddess project, from which our work on Burroughs and Gysin, is but a part thereof. So we decided we would do a blog post to help get our essays, lectures, related whatnots, out there for all the world to experience, as well as share.

Okay. Let's start with one of those essays. Basically all the works can be found here on our Google Drive. But we want to highlight some papers in particular. Note, we are also on Mendeley. On Mendeley (an academic social media site), we can be found under the name St. Stephen (of Binghamton University -- our ex-place of work). Okay, getting that info out of the way, let's take a look at the first paper we want to highlight.

The title of this work is simply, Benjamin and Nature, its really an over view of Our Red Goddess and overall life long project. This is not merely academic. No, we have left the university. We understand that site of power, the nexus that is the university, which only exists as the actual practices that constitute it, such as going to class, giving lectures, all that that actually happens at the university is what constitutes it, out side of those practices and actions, there is no university. Anyway, we speak a bit about this in our paper. We could have been revolutionaries, real radical power regimes that changed worlds, instead we sold out to become academics. Academics are understood as inifectual. They are not unlike homosexual and artists, as such they aren't seen as that much of a threat. And as Burroughs once said (or at least because of the movie, Naked Lunch, the quote is now attributed to him), "homosexuality is the best cover an agent ever had." Which is why we are engaged in an Art-War, rather than a revolutionary whatever. Now the text, Benjamin and Nature, can be found by clicking on the "here" link, or on any of linked paper titles.

Okay, and now we are going to give you a little excerpt from our work, with hopes that that excerpt will entice you to actually take the time and read our work(s). And while we would love to hear feedback, what we are more interested in gaining allies. As the essay states, this project is not something that can be done alone. The essay also explains our use of We. This use of "we" - that we often use in place of "I" has often been very problematic for others, but if you know, then you know we as singularities are never one, we are multiplicities, our very bodies are made up of a myriad of individuals - think about our guts, its flora and fauna. That is what we mean - but not only what we mean. Okay, and so without further ado, here are those excerpts:

We kept this distinction, this dialect of judgment of man and nature, this bifurcation, in order to keep playing dumb, for by making animals and nature separate and dumb we disguise our amorality, the brutality of our sciences. We must be poised to see ourselves in our totality, if we judge we will judge ourselves good and evil. Where will we find ourselves once we admit that fish and rats have feelings? Or that it really is murder, what men do in war. We know the truth well.
Dreaming a new dream means forsaking an old one; a dream we do not even recognize as a dream, we just call it, ‘the way it is.’ Well, ‘there is the way it is, and the way it could be,’ and we are interested in hearing about this way it could be, from more than popular (commercially sponsored) fiction (often sci-fi or fantasy) writers, of various utopian and dystopian themes. We want everybody dreaming these new dreams to each other, and to find the ways in which to live these dreams. The experimental communities are still alive, even if they do not exist in the American press/media streams.

Okay. So that does it for now. We will post more about this as time goes on.

Note: the single gift that decorates this post is called, Transmute, and is by Magus Steven J. Leyba.

*see the series from Deleuze's Logic of Sense, "The Crack-Up"

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange) make paypal donations to

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