Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Prof. Um Lectures - this is not a test

Let us jump right too it. We have started to reorganize the lectures of Prof. Um. The 1st lecture we have posted is from 2013. We did a colloquium for the Comparative Literature, PLC (Philosophy, Literature, and Criticism) department. And unfortunately, I was unable to record the entire lecture (or at least I have to check and see if I do have the full lecture - but its possible that I do not). Kindly check it out anyway if you would. It is my introduction to what we call, Our Red Goddess Project.

The lecture really doesn't begin until about 13-16 min in, so. And before that you can hear me speaking to others that showed up to the colloquium, such as Magus Steven J. Leyba, who was in town doing some lectures on his work, for a comparative literature course on the sociology of literature and identity formation, that I was teaching at the time (undergraduate course).

You see, Prof. Um, we teach what we like to call radical (or revolutionary) psychotropic theory. We think it aptly describes what we do. Anyway, we aren't going to go too much into that right now. What we do want to inform you about, is that we are working on, not only posting up older works on our YouTube, but creating new lectures for all to see.

We feel it high time people understood what the fuck we are talking about, and this is an attempt, in some ways, to do just that. Not that we won't also be putting out more obscure and oblique, non-spoon-feed materials, because we will, butter-butt you now know that there are lectures coming on the subjects of W. S. BurroughsBrion GysinRev. Steven J. LeybaWalter BenjaminLuce IrigarayBatailleMagickLacanDeleuzeGuattari, and more and more. Basically, we are getting back to work on our academic and magickal work (which are interwoven). So, I hope you will be looking forward to that. Okay. So really, that I all we have to say for now.

We are slowly continuing our work on getting that tarot deck we mentioned in another post illustrated and will have more info on that as we go. Also, we have finally mapped our our DKMU Halloween Projekt so that is very interesting ... above here is our map and an overlay. It maps out our plan for our glamour-bombing magickal assault against reality. And with that, well with that we are going to bid you ado. Remember to check out our sound-work and other works. And to make a substantial donation to the bio-exchange (seriously, $100-10,000 will do, but give more if you can).

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange, please make our your paypal donation to do it NOW! Thank you. )

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