Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thee Coyotel Network, Thee Uncondemning Monk, and Prankster-Terrorist (updates)

Greetings from At-Tawwad and Thee Uncondemning Monk,

As we all have been away, and much has occurred since 2013, we have more (perhaps many more) updates to give you all. One of these updates is the release of the newest Coyotel Network text known as, The Tricksters Torah. The Tricksters Torah put out by Magus Steven J. Leyba, is the continuation of the book that started with The Tricksters Bible, grew into The Tricksters Koran (which as deleted for unsaid reason by the publisher, we know its because of the title, as the Torah was left untouched and has the same material plus more). As such, Al-Barr, with two others, Saz-q Denny-qq, and Jason P. Doherty, together we three created a Third Mind type piece for The Tricksters Torah. You can get a copy of the complete Torah, via Amazon. We will be creating a free pdf for the 'chapter'/text that we did for The Tricksters Koran: a Never Ending Book, and will be giving that chapter freely, in its entirety, to those who know how to seek and find it. Knock on the door and coum inside Thee Network.

Okay. So if you can, we encourage you to check out The Tricksters Torah: a Never Ending Book, and our third mind text, "The Dojo Of Thee PRANKSTER TERRORIST," by Al-Barr Um Allah, Saz-q Denny-qq, & Jason P. Doherty. Both Saz-q and Jason have more works that you might also enjoy.

Concerning past projects, Al-Barr has passed the brushes onto At-Tawwad, which means that At-Tawwad will take up the painting projects of Al-Barr and move them into new splaces. Also, Aglaeca, who first channeled Thee Uncondemning Monk, has also be speaking to a spark of the soul that is (thee name) of that ancient Roman citizen Marcus Licinius Crassus. Where this will lead is anyone's idea, but new developments are underfoot. We cannot say more at this time, but At-Tawwad has been speaking with Thee Uncondemning Monk and Aglaeca, and the others on The Jack Frost Committee, and it seems that there might be a book underway. A book that more fully explains the project that is Thee Uncondemning Monk, as opposed to that personae and psychick transmission. Speaking of book and of Coyotel Satan, Rev. A. A. (a friend of thee network) continues to work on his book on the art-war of Rev. Steven J. Leyba. In particular we direct those interested in understanding more about not only Rev. Leyba but this here project, see the Alchemical POORtrait section of his work. Butter-butt yes, the book on Leyba's work is still under way. And Rev. A. A. ov Thee Coyotel Satanic Network has told us that there have been many breakthroughs in regards to connecting Leyba's work with not only art history, but the very philosophy that has sprung around art in the Western Philosophical Tradition. Rev. A.A. is making critical use of concepts from Walter Benjamin, as Rev. A.A. sees Leyba's magickal approach to painting as a way of painting the aura back into works of mechanical reproduction. Furthermore, Rev. A.A. also understand that Rev. Leyba's definition of Art as a salvation of the term, from the oblivion of meaning all things, thereby meaning nothing, and is using the work of Kant (and others) to highlight the genius aspect (not ingenious) of the Sublime that is created via "great" works of art (of course we question this greatness and Kant is taken in a critical manner, not merely agreed with or used as such). So, that work, we here at Thee UM are told is going well and still underway. Okay. Moving on.

The Prankster Terrorist transformation is all but complete. During this Halloween season we will be creating new soundworks, new visual works, new works that are gear towards something known as glamour bombing. For more information on that project, see DKMU (and join their irc, via #dumus  -- there is also a facebook group that is being slimmed down as we speak, that way we can get back to those who are active members instead of those who merely want to use the group as a dump for self-promotion AND nothing more -- there are plenty of other groups where you can do that). As such, join the DKMU forum to learn more.

At-Tawwad is also still working with The Infinity Network. The Infinity Network is working to reconstruct their website. We have taken a break from AIN23 but will also be getting back into action with them, now that all our members are feeling better, and are returning to some sesemblancef health. As such thee group has been engaged in Buddha Medicine, and has released this work as a tribute and testimony to our use of this powerful technique. We are also exploring the realities of Ketamine Therapy for pain releif and depression, and will post about that if and when we are sucessful in obtaining treatment, as its costly, new or experimental, and not covered by insurance, of course, we will be doing our own experiments eitherway, butter-but we thought we'd let ye all know about this new approach and use of Special-K. Anyway, that is all we have for now, stay tuned for new posts couming soon... until then, as it is, so be it, as we will, so mote it be, Love___Will ---- -infinity to unto +infinity.

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