Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thee Uncondemning Update 23 and after

Well, quite an exciting day. 23 August, 2011 had so much to give. We ov Thee Jack Frost Committee/Staff, would like to recap, for you, what has been going on. First there where two articles that came out on Modern Mythology's website. The 2nd article is an extensive, but by no mean complete, intra-view of Thee One True TOPI Tribe Compilation (out now, limited, act fast, it might already be too late). 

 Also on 23 of August (act now, before its passed), AIN23 put out cutup/spoken-word album, as part of their 23 Seconds ov Time Audio Project, Vol. 3. We just listened to it, and its a "crazy" bit of collectivity. Thee Uncondemning Monk is ft. on the volume, in such a way as to inter-relate it to the song, "In Site 23, Insight 32," which is also out on the OTTT compilation.

While we get ready for 4:20am (Universal Time), we thought it would be appropriate to thank those who have already made these albums quite a success. Everyone here on The Jack From Staff would like to thank all those people who took time to find out about our "next new way on". As well as supporting great coum-unity, dedicated to The Third Mind, and current 23.

In the days that approached Realization Day (thee 23rd), The Uncondemning Monk put out two videos. Kindly see the sidebar for those (free) videos, as well as other musical and related links. The first is for the TucK song that came out on the TOPI compilation. The second is a video compilation (from photo given by members of the TOPI tribe) for a special 23 minute interview with to highly active members of the TOPI Tribe, Jason Doherty and Aglaeca. The video is a psychick tv (that is a description not a mere noun/name). It move the still frames, and explores these concepts: the cut-up technique, fusing and slumping, and blending. For more information on the project, please see St. Stephens piece on Modern Mythology (it gives quite an explanation).

The Black Tape: the OTTT compilation isn't an offical copy until you create it; more on the bandcamp site
While Z is sure there is more to tell you. We think its time to let you look around, as we continue to set up shop, and working on, well, it's a secret. 

"What now?! Grow some wings and fly, do something awesome" JPD, TOPI Speaks (see our video section, as well as our audio).

Message from TucK: remember, even if you don't like the music, and still want to support the project, then "buy" the song, "In Site 23, Insight 32," you can donate that way. But We want you to listen to it... this is not a money thing, which is why donation are optional... so please listen and enjoy...

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