Saturday, September 23, 2023

Welcome to Thee Show

Z would like to Welcome thee to Thee Uncondemning Monk

This blog-site is under constant re-construction as we setup to go even fucking furthur. In the not too distant future, we plan to have a fuller network for you to peruses, to appease the flaneur that you are. Since we are, all peeping toms, why not take a good look at this new and emerging project. Much that is apt to change, musical styles shift and fade, reverberate and dissipate as we explore The Third Mind, Magick & Psychology, Complex Dynamic Systems, the 23rd current, 93rd, 158/663, and all other currents, -∞ to ∞ and currents beyond.

GREETINGS TO ALL, especially to Thee Network, the DKMU, the Infinity Network, and AIN23.
WHEN ALL is said and done, I have more than one face. I don't know which is laughing at which (Bataille, On Nietzsche, Boone Translation, p. 68)
“We sorcerers know quite well that the contradictions are real but that real contradictions are not just for laughs" (Gillies Deleuze & Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus)  
Concerning the Twisted Belt-Loop: By the tropical (or solar) zodiac used by astrologers the Sun always enters the sign of Aries at the spring equinox, and that of Libra at the autumn equinox. However, by the sidereal (or stellar) zodiac the Sun now enters the sign of Aquarius at the spring equinox, and Leo at the autumn equinox. This is the “fall of the Great Equinox”, for the wheel of time (the precessional Great Year of 26,000 years) begins at Leo the Lion, according to the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. We are now at the exact mid point of that wheel – the “fall” or autumn of the Great Year.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

First Earth Records and Thee Um

And so, its always seemingly awhile before we post again. Eh, such is I guess. Anyway, lots been shaking. We have released two LPs on First Earth Records, and a bunch of releases on our personal bandcamp. Let's start a little with the First Earth Records, cause there are only two. The First release is an Agitation Φ and Thee Um release. We have been working with Agitation Phi creating experimental musical tracks. And so that's basically what this is, In the Middle OV 6.

Now its call In the Middle OV 6 because that's basically what it is, at any given point one can be said to be in the middle thereof, as such this is a pick of six of our then latest tunes which are now no longer the latest, because we are in the middle of creating and will be creating more. In the Middle OV 6 also features the artist/electro-musician Astarte 23, along with Lien Void, and a few others, all of which are credited in said tracks, so go and check them out. The 2nd LP we put out is Thee Sigilum, which is more of a solo work. Only one track has work from Agitation Φ, which is the concluding track, all the others are solo endeavors by Thee Um. The artwork was again created by Astarte 23, responsible for a sigilized version of Thee Uncondemning Monk, with cat face. Its all pretty groovy.

Then there are a myriad of works we have recently released that you can check out. Along with our soundcloud where you can hear our first incorporations of a ghaita (which is a flute used in Northern Africa). We're still learning, but its a fun and interesting addition to our works. Taking our cue from the work of the Master Musicians of Joujouka, and their ancient rock-and-roll trance inducing kif loving sounds. And unfortunately as you might know, they have recently outlawed kif production, which is putting a hurting on the Master Musicians, it being their traditional cash-crop. At least that what we have been reading on the web. So, support them if you can, they will need all the help you can give. And while we are asking for support, until we finally transition of our present way of doing things (and by we i mean the world's populations) we appreciate all the support people have shown via our albums, it keeps us going. Okay, and so, speaking of new tunes, here is "Star Seeder," a drum, bass, and flute track by Agitation Φ and Thee Um, with artwork by Astarte 23. And so, we are going to cut it short and just leave you with this bit... in a few days, perhaps even today, there will be an interview coming out, done by Black Iron Kisses, so we will be posting again about that, and filling you in on other works and projects we have been recently involved with. As always, drop by Thee Network on facebook and on the web, at

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Reviewing Four of Eight New Releases by Agents of Thee Network

Since we last posted, there have been a slew of new releases put out by Thee Uncondemning Monk. So we are going to talk about each of them, in the order that they came out. Let's get to it.

First on the list is Earlium 13. That is it is early um, featuring such early collaborations with artists Motherhalo and Rhizome Connectome. This album goes back to the start of thee um, 2010-11. It contains 13 soundwork we find representative of that space and time in which they were produce. A long time in the making, we decided to finally bandcamp the soundworks and make it more official. There early works capture our initial and sometimes we think best attempt at painting with sound. Track no. 2, "Painting Halos" captures this  action of sound-painting well exemplified in the electronic synth-guitar solo potions that ride through out the soundwork. Many early experiments there and you can read more as each track give a bit of information to go along with the song.

The next LP up for discussion is Thee Um Curses: Coyotel Art War. That album is straight forward in the sence that this hour long two track LP are comprised of two separate curses. A curse on the NSA to make all their secrets revealed, total exposure. And a curse on the Art World that all the signatures may turn out to be written in invisible ink. Those are some of the primary intentions in our ritualized audio captures of two live curses performed in the ritual chamber of Rev. Al Aguero. For more information on these see the works themselves. Moving on, we have many works to cover, and you have little attention to spare. Ah, just fucking with you, moving onward, shall we.

                                                                                Next comes Thee Network-ing, Thee Uncondemning Monk & Agents O.V. Thee Network. This is truly one of our favorites because it is a networking. Bring together the work of four dividuals from across the globe. From Europe (Austria) to the US (New York) we connect and create together, extending our web to pull in others and extend thee network and through playing/working together we strengthen and manifest our bond. Thee Network-ing is proof of concept that thee trans-humane mesh network that is Thee Network can be made to live and thrive. The work represent 6 months of shared electronic efforts between Agitation Phi, Lien Void, Astarte 23, and yours truly, Thee Um. Occasionally others will enjoin with either ourselves or thee Austrian Wolves of Thee Network, and all come together on one of our largest (in terms of number of peoples on the track) tracks towards the end of the LP entitled, "". Thee Networking has a tale to tell and from its titles you can begin to see its theme and explorations. Those who take the time to read the bandcamp page will be infinitely rewarded as they will get a deeper understanding of the various processes that go into this working. As such we say its experimental but in our bandcamps we have increasingly, with increasing clarity been speaking about just how exactly our work is experimental and what those aim and intentional are. So do take the time to read the various bandcamp LP descriptions, and check each song individually, because sometimes we add more details to the individual tracks.

Unfolding eVoid, our next LP. What can we say about this work? We will answer that with an excerpt from the bandcamp itself, we write:

Unfolding eVoid is lengthy (2+hrs.) but small (5 tracks) set of sound sigils and magical workings by Thee Um. Now please see below, and if nothing else Note I.

The LP, Unfolding eVoid is part electronica, part glitch, dance, cut-up, experimental, poetry and prose, and ritual magic all.

"The Future is Ours, carry on the 23rd current," Calling William S. Burroughs.

We start this LP, Unfolding eVoid, with thee invocation "Gates," (but you might have started elsewhere, so be it, and so it goes...). From that invocation and opening of thee (your) gates, Unfolding eVoid, then moves to a lyrical version "Organ Faces We Bodies," which evokes Kali for (t)he/r(e) power of re-birth and re-generation. That working moves us to invocation of Burroughs in the "Calling of William S. Burroughs," invoking a portion of his immortal soul to aid and guide our workings. Finally, with the gates open, evocations and invocations made, the LP copulates, coagulates, and culminates in "EMNII," which stands as the heart of this chaos magic ritual, and finally the gates are closes with an anti-banishing that is called, "Cannbeez Mumm."

All that is asked is you have the fortitude & patients to enter into these works with a meditative state-of-becoming thereby allowing access to what is known as Thee Great Art. We know that is a lot to ask for, but that is what is required, nothing less will do, else you'd be cheating yourself of thee very experience itself.

That just leaves 4 more of the most recent releases to talk about. But we have worked hard and are tired and must leave those write-ups for another day. Until then, go and see and read about them for yourself. We are happy to say that their is now Electric Guitar, which hasn't happened yet in Thee Uncondemning Monk in a sustained away, and we think you will enjoy that work, Electric Variations: μ ∪ Φ ∪ ∅ ∪ ∀23 → ∞. Okay, until then, we will have more to say about those remaining four albums, which Electric Variations is but one thereof. And as it is, so it goes... 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ana Logi’s Miracle Parade, Pt. I, released by Moon Sounds of Tao!

The release is out. The shamanic sound collective/label Moon Sounds of Tao released its first LP from Thee Uncondemning Monk, Ana Logi's Miracle Parade, Pt. I. This LP is part one of a multi-part release of our initial explorations into Chaosica. What is Chaosica and who is Ana Logi? All will be answered in a little bit. Before doing that we want to let you know that beyond releasing the next part's of Ana Logi's Miracle Parade, there is a physical release being planned.

Purchase/Donate to Thee Uncondemning Monk TODAY!

We Thank You for Making this all possible! "We Can Be Free, We Are Always Already Home!"

Not only are you aiding a disabled ex-prof. of Comparative Literature, still fighting for disability (we were diagnosed with a severe unknown form of what appears to be Rheumatoid Arthritis, this was four years ago but only stopped teaching last year, with no medications working, and the pain and medication making it impossible to teach/lecture in a traditional way), but also our various endeavors.

Disability did not stop Rev. Al L. Aguero, aka thee um, NO! We continue our work through what we call sound-working, as well as through the propagation of a trans-humane populated mesh networking known as Thee Network ( Thee Um's sound-workings are experiments in sound that often push all understanding of what it means to have musicality. This particular release is an exploration in synth Chaosica (and Fusing and Slumping, aka F&S). Here you will find three of our now four new releases are unique as to the areas of chaosica and sound-worlds they dis-cover.

As such you contribution, your donation/purchase of our work, keeps us independent and working!

Through our soundwork we enjoins with other expanding Thee Network, via collaborations and fans, all of which allows us to continue to teach and learn as we grow a new world with others.

Each purchase/donation makes a world of difference to us, it shows support in universally trying times, and allows us to continue to reach out and create.

Now let us explain our work, Chaosica, Ana Logi and he/r Miracle Parade:

The style and genre is known as Chaosica: Chaosica is an emergent type of sound working being pioneered by Thee Network and Thee Uncondemning Monk. Rev. Al L. Aguero of the Coyotel Church, aka Thee Uncondemning Monk, is an agent of Thee Network who is engaged in a multifaceted revolutionary undertaking that involves all tools that they are able gain access to (various musical instruments included), one such tool and cover being the truth of Art. Art that reclaims its singularity and aura despite its industrial reproduction (see the work of Walter Benjamin). Through art as a medium of message, and via the message that is the medium of art new forms of consciousness and perception are striven for, each sonic experiment is moving towards the edge of what it means to have musicality, what it means to paint with sound, to create revolutionary art, and to add to the creative stock of our worlds. These soundwork as offered to other artist to be use as they may, to inspire, to sample from and contort. Together sounds become the shared property they always already are, and we let go of any struggle to control them, as we re-design our networks and flows. The primary instrument used and the reason for the name Ana Logi (Anaglogue) is a monotribe ribbon synth a gift to Thee Um by another member of what has become an emergent gift economy developing within Thee Network.

Ana Logi’s Miracle Parade is a communist exploration in a Network of Sounds, a holotropic-sonic-cutting that breaks new these captures of sound guided by an inner gesture rather than the parameters and models, pre-programmed limits which logic-circuits allow for these appearances, and yet by stretching the algorithms and apprehending them anew, while bringing them into contact with new electronic instruments, by creating in the moment, these soundworks become their own creatures. These creatures or autopoietic sound-object are unique bodies, singularized mixture over time, fused and slumped together. They are like potions of sound that are spread into the listener’s room. Their fluid form is not a homogeneous sample, nor a condensation, but multiple waves of condensation, with a beat here, and a break there, here and there (t/here) are a like a trunk and a leg, such that each piece holds the whole in eternity as a mark, a trace of each sound-event given a name (the naming makes it immortal in the sense of their elevation toward an idea).

Ana Logi knows the formulas well, from a grain of sound it expands, these orchestrations boiling chaos. Pushing the forces like a painter with brush, letting go to this ancient present of chaos that forms the unforming of creation – that violence the movement becoming that breaks with the norm, as it moves headlong, or ass-backwards into its own alterity, monstrously taken from behind these soundworks offer a multitude of other faces, each with their own smile, souls and memories untold walk again bring back that morning – and from this well spring of everything Ana Logi begins to pull what is forth coming.

Ana Logi has no need for circles, so s/he casts a web – a myriad of consciousness compose every nano sector of her composition, and that IT engages pushing each to their limit, moving as to create this sonic-terrarium, a miracle parade. Nurturing these traces, Ana Logi opens the background swarming in Revolutionary Possibilities tearing at the veil, beckoning to break through and rupture reality, an Event happens, we give it a name, record it, our cut of it, sliced, we capture, and vow to remain faithful to that event through a logics that gives Truth to a string of moments and a faithful subject (such as the events of May 1968 France, or thee events of 1960s America, Maoist China and the Red Year, a fidelity to a rupture that demonstrates that yes ‘another world is possible,’ as was the slogan of those that apposed the WTO in Seattle Washington, 1999).

Ana Logi fidelity is to a Truth, be it Love, be it Political, an unsane reasonability with a deep feeling-tone, those other logics (some yet to come to the fore) and their mates, open and dynamic, the speakers throat shudders to proclaims not a position but a choice that cracks the ideal body of sound. Ana Logi this faithful subject causes terror to appear, engaging in the pronouncement of a Truth act that cross all sound-worlds – a truth that vibrates the air, the walls – all who feel, all who hear, all that are pressed into contact share in it as property – all else must be an addendum often forced and the antithesis to any notion of free.

Ana Logi knows the Good is open, as Truth is open, not foreclosed, not frozen, nor dead, the Good is all around, imprisoned in this veil (breaking the veil, see the DKMU), towards no-where sometimes called Erehwon.

From Erewhon Ana Logi screams a blood invocation, molding chaos through inner spaces were power and immorality grow, closed in a singularize world expanding to engulf space ship earth, ripping into all others realities, entering – intruding into those worlds, breaking through the bricks in the walls that have shut the Good from their sight, from their heart, the real that pins their “natural” lies that others t.v. magic has told them it is so, and it is so… Ana Logi brings other ways, sometimes harnessing the t.v. waves cut back into static, pulsed into beats, reclaiming the noise, reclaiming the sounds (see William S. Burroughs, Electronic Revolution). And through her magic an exit appears, an exits spreading into view with each tracks unfolding (this exit is a reference to The Process Church of Final Judgment, another of many whom have inspired us). Thee Network extends it hands, its portals open to connections, waiting for you to walk through, to take a part, to claim as your own (Thee Network is You, because Thee Network is Yours). An alternative way of being in the world wrestles control from corporation’s stranglehold on the means of its production, distribution, and marketing – this is Ana Logi’s Chaosica.

Ana Logi is the finger in the eye of cookie cutter styles, genre, sales categories for media hype and currency circulation, and introduces another mode of exchange, a circulation of another kind, a circulation of sound, of time, of soul, of the sublime, each drop added to the social stock overflowing with this accursed share, revealing themselves like jewels in the eyes of the Universe.

Each step into the LP is a new movement into a radical development as new synthetic instruments are introduced into Thee Uncondemning Monk’s increasingly signature mixing process. Patients will reward, as what begins as a run of the mill synth track evolves into omg, as you lose track of place and time caught in Ana Logi’s grasp… as each track develops and builds, they transform to take the listener, now co-creator, for a cosmic ride into the far reaches of thee magical mind.

NOTE: We recommend that you listen to these track multiple times, under multiple conditions, in multiple environs, as well as with and without headphones (this list is not exhaustive, it’s only to point to some ways which one can experience these works and how these works will be aeffected thereby, so many other ways of listening could be added here, your imagination is the limit, and limits are what we seek and work to expanding and cross over, sometimes merely to find them in the first place). Notice how various elements of your life interact and alter your perception of each electronic movement, how your emotive-undertones interact with the train of your thoughts and landscapes of senseless movements that compose the texture of your inner terrain. Thee Uncondemning Monk seeks to paint with sound, to engage random spontaneous events of sound into the political realms and dimensions of art. Ana Logi named for the dominance of synths in these soundworks, that is what we call our track says Thee Um, “soundworks!” We are a soundworker, and these are our soundworkings, and these soundworks engage in the political as all our music is given freely and we thereby live on the good graces of those that we inspire with our work.

So, relax, hit play, and roll into a terrain that is sure to surprise, as you flow into Ana Logi's improvised moments of ritual magick and sonic painting. A cutting up of sound on a continual wave of mutilation and realization, aka, Moon Sounds of Tao.

We release our music under a modified form creative commons, such that we reserve ownership rights to protect the work from being owned (by anyone), such that anyone can make use of our work as long as it not done for commercial or monetary gain, if you want to use our work in a work you will sell please contact us via a message to our personal facebook page. If you do use our works in some way, and we do encourage new creations to be wrought from them, then all we ask is you give credit where due, and kindly share a link to that new work that incorporates or somehow uses our work. (personal page) (thee um project page)
Also engaged with DKMU, TOPY/TOPI, AE/TOPE, AIN23, Coyotel, AFF, and News Station 23.

Moon Sounds Of Tao:

Thee Uncondemning Monk, aka Rev. Al L. Aguero, 2016, copyright perverted 2016 until infinity

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Uncondemning Bandcamp Releases: 1, 2, 3!

Getting to the heart of the matter. Today, or yesterday as the clock tells us, Thee Uncondemning Monk released not one, or two, but three bandcamp releases, as Thee Uncondemning Monk gets ready to release two more LPs on two different labels, Moon Sounds of Tao and First Earth Records.

The first release was a collection of electro-acoustic tunes, gathered together to present a sampling of the acoustic-guitar work that Thee Um has combined with experimental electronic.

Often the acoustic work is itself worked on electronically, not only intermixed with electronica and synth waves and beats. Fusing and slumping (F&S) is a continuation of the cut-up/fold-in method. Imagine a track folded in the middle. The beginning and ending now touch and form a new end, as does the fold, which was the middle and now the opposite end of the track. By F&S the tracks together, fusing and slumping is a term also used in glass blowing, it becomes a new work that can be said to encounter itself, such that its faced with its own alterity. That is F&S. But the electro-acoustic work is not just F&S. Folk's genres and other 60s/90s rock elements form the chord progression. As explained, through a process of fusing and slumping, new elements emerge. Yet we take a Captain Beef Heart attitude to the non-hypnotic elements that swim sometimes against the repetitions in our works, and insists you pay strict attention, piano pieces that often punctuate this or that chord progression. A progression that is often on the fly and off the cuff in its search of new encounters and other points of the emerging event. All in all Each.. track in an exploration into sonic worlds and understandings of musicality and what it means to do soundwork.

The next release is an experimental glitch album. Its five, no six, variations on a soundwork. Each could be said to be getting harder and crazier, glitchier than the processing variation, you decide. We highly recommend headphones, and to play Miss Glitch & Thee Um Variations loud, and repeatedly with a meditative attention. Altered states and various locations encouraged. Each listening reveals devils and angels in the folded into the waves, points of our Immortal striven for and inscribed.

The last, having already said so much in the first and then a bit more in the second LP commentary, I will say even more about this last, third and final one, 23 Unknowns Bear A Heart: Summer Processual Grooves. This is a single track, 23 minutes o.v. time, or so. Its an excursion into a new experiment with Chaosica - an emergent style that uses the chaos of synth put through an in-human process, in the sense of equality of process applied, this F&S process, arguably adds a quasi-random element or at least novelty of the unexpected, such that it creates an encounter that produces something unexpected, "random," surprise, delight, though its possibly calculable these folded souls, and their expressions. As such, chaosica is a process that strives to feel-hear the order emerging (out-in-out) of the chaos - multiplicities in the notes and waves (bound and unbound, and sub-bound, and rebound, and debound, etc.)- causing its own emergence in difference, and then to allow it to fall back upon itself in its difference from itself, this order allowed to dominate and alter the chaos is a sort of sonic dialectical engine, one divided in-two, made up of many, many's of many's, and so at last it is a process of chaotic order, something that can be very dynamic. This track then sets the backdrop to a jam that strives to be in the moment as a form of Taoist (Maoist ? T/Maoist) meditation, allowing the unconscious to come through by absence of rational or conscious thought, and so that would be the percussion(s) that punctuate and impose some what of a structure, sometimes destroying  the emerging structures, yet always in a flowing play through spontaneous improvisation.

So, those are our three releases. Each one your purchase, ah, sales pitch, each one allows us more and that more builds and creates! Enjoy the work, keep it free, keep it changing, create with it. Open for collaboration - Thee Network - Enjoin = Solving for the Algebra of Need (and Desire), for our Individual and thereby Collective Autonomy and Sovereignty In Our Immortality.

and a special thank you for that mix used in "Beacons over Eggs and Computerized Coffee"  - rabbitsquirrel, track entitled "Eggs Of Unexpected Clockwork Open Remix 2 100bpm Uncondemning Re - Re - Remix 2016". That we remixed into "Eggs Of Unexpected Clockwork Open Remix 2 100bpm Uncondemning Re - Re - Remix 2016" which then became part of "Beacons over Eggs and Computerized Coffee". so TY rabbitsquirrel.

Coyotel Rising!,
Rev. A. Aguero, Thee UM

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Agitation Φ & Thee Um - Thee Network Infinite Gravity

Our latest collaborations is where we'll start our long over due post. Thee Uncondemning Monk has a new ally, Agitation Φ (Phi). Agitation Φ and Thee Um crossed sonic paths about two months ago via a mutual interest. What happened was Agitation Φ noticed a post promoting one of the latest products of the Coyotel #ARTWAR, started by Coyotel Magus Steven J. Leyba. The recent product Agitation Φ noticed the #ARTWAR Cd, which Thee Um did a reading for, on the first track. The ARTWAR CD  is just one product in the on going Coyotel ART WAR.

As and FYI, Rev. Al L. Aguero, Thee Um, has been working on a identity magick chapter for an up and coming ART WAR Manual, in the works. It should come out sometime late 2016, but no release date has yet been set. But getting back to Agitation Φ and Thee Um, having noticed our work with Coyotel, Agitation Φ and Thee Um were able to form what is known as a Third Mind.  They have been documenting their collaborations on soundcloud. Not only did they realize that they share sonic worlds, they also realized they had other magickal interests besides Coyotel, such as the work of TOPY and its later manifestations such as, AIN23. These respective landscapes and shared notions of musicality allowed them to form a Third Mind, a double star, what some might call a star-star, as each artist engaged in their one take off the cuff jams.

Agitation Φ 
& Thee Uncondemning Monk work by playing in the moment. Each jamming off of the others' tracks. For example, Agitation Φ would provide a ritual magick bass track to Thee Um who would in turn jam to that track creating new layers, all in done in the moment. Speaking of Agitation Φ's bass work, we would like to attempt to describe her sound. Her bass tracks often implores a multitude of honed effects. which are melded into rhythms produced by her use of drum machines. These are then merged with the bass and effects into various wild, but controlled, synth-sounds to create her sonic multiverse. The bass is bad ass and leaves little, if anything, to be desired. Which is why, at first, Thee Um thought that there was little that they could add. So Thee Um did not simple add a layer, or that is the layers that Thee Um did add were more of a way to re-frame Agitation Φ's works. Thee Um strategically deployed various synthetic keyboard sounds, as a way to underline and re-frame or augment Agitation Φ's pattern with patterns, thereby meeting her bass on its own terms. At first, Thee Um, allowed Agitation Φ bass to dominate, as not to drowned out her excellent work. But as Thee Um grew in confidence and become more accustom to Agitation Φ's style, his layers come up to equal it; creating a new whole that neither dominates nor is dominated by the bass work. As we continued to engage in the process, new sonic landscapes appeared, opening up experimental possibilities which availed themselves to each artist. On another quick note, we soon found that Agitation Φ also has a special knack for taking Thee Um's daily hygienic soundwerks and turning them into crazy sound animals that are most monstrous & divine. Together they have begun a project of creating various magickal soundwerks and are working towards building bridges with other artists - through the gravity of sound & Art through Coyotel - Thee Network. Take a listen to the Third Mind o.v. Agitation Φ & Thee Um.

We would now like to take this opportunity to highlight a few tracks. This is our popular solo work, "Can I Be TV Too." And as earlier we were speaking of Coyotel and the connections that connect Agitation Φ & Thee Um, we present, "Dark Ra Ov Trinity," as it includes audio from Magus Leyba & Hannah Haddix speaking on the subject of pandrogeny. "Skulls Of Bees Transforming Thee," is one of the first attempts, on Thee Um's end, to work with a track by Agitation Φ. And this is the way in which we work, going back and forth, one idea or track feeding thee other; from which we build and re-build various works, such as "And Thee Clock Struck 23," which is, we checked, the first work that had any collaborative efforts - check it out, you will enjoy this tick-rock-tock de-mark-action o.v. T.I.M.E. -- back and forth we go, in an infinitely strange-loop, generating new ideas and conceptual plans for current and future soundwerks.

Our collaboration has pushed me into new areas of experimental music. It has also brought me back to re-working with cut-ups, as well as moving closer towards full development of our fusing and slumping technique, truly exemplified here on, "
Grace Karvoz And Me," a technique taken from glass blowing and now applied to audio, as well as textual materials. Another of the new experimental avenues we have been playing in are extratone and vaporwave; the mixture of these micro-genres. If you are unfamiliar with extratone, extratone is about creating over a thousand note per sec creating a tone instead of notes, not unlike black-midi, and vaporwave is music meant to be listened to on drugs that make you slow, like special-k or the magical-h. As such we have too be experimenting with the scene of the k and h and pushing the soundwerk into new directions - again, of combining extratone with vaporwave. We Are Drugs - We are thee New Government, We are the Scene! Welcoum To Thee Network - The Next Way On!

Winding down this post, we wanted to speak of an influence of ours that we have found helps people understand some of our musicality and our rationales for soundwerkings -- which are various, often trance inducing, but when they are not trance inducing, when they aim to break the trance states that too many people find themselves lost in, we turn to Captain Beefheart, and our mutual disdain for 4/4 time. Having a deep and abiding love for Captain Beefheart, our keyboard work, again, has found its thesis in rapidly changing riffs which are combined with hypnotic and non-hypnotic b-ass undertones and resonate organ type sonic tones (which find a prominent place in many of our recent tracks). In terms of fusing and slumping, we have done a few in tribute to the mystical passing of moon child David Bowie, as well as to celebrate Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) birthday, RAW passed on in 2007. Bowie passed to that celestial lodge - his soul through the sun - black star - star star, three days after his video "Lazarus " was released. We have dedicated two tracks, "Star Star Nova," and "
Star Star Daath Version Aleph" to Bowie and one in particular to RAW and Bowie (but all are to both RAW and Bowie), see also, Juju on the Raw.

One can find some (not all, we are working on gathering them into this playlist) of our collaborations with Agitation
Φ here: Agitation Φ & Thee Um.

And some of our recent works here --- Thee Um (recent stuff)

and our cut-up and fusing & slumping works here: Cut-Up -- Fuse & Slump!

Well, speaking of cutting, we are cutting it here, and will post again soon, for we have much much more to tell you!

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soundwerks which you can find here via soundcloud --

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ritual Curses of Coyotel No Path

Sometimes one act of cursing isn't enough, we miss the mark, and i mean mark, like a conman means mark, a vic, like an arrow or a dagger that stabs at that mark. And so as a plan of attack, I have decided multiple stabs, and that these curses will appear and be released firstly as an audio ritual-curse, and then next as a video ritual curse (done alone), and finally, with the other two acting as preparations for what will be continued and culminated as and in public participation Coyotel curses -- which too will be recorded; Burroughs said to Leyba, said to me, "Record EVERYTHING." 

At this moment I am planning three curses: one for the NSA, another for the Art World, and one Death Curse for Nestle, and that listing is not the order of ritual priority. I am aiming for the public curses to be held next Summer, space and location will be announced at least two months in advance (and will be working with other local and regional Coyotels to make this reality real), but we will see how time, health, space, etc. work out. Allow just a brief explanation:

For the NSA: concerning this matter of privacy I've take a stance much like W.S. Burroughs, whereby privacy is an illusion we give each other out of respect, but going the other way towards total exposure YET, and importantly, without the NSA having a privileged secret position.

On "The ART" world -- that curse is meant to liberate artists and their art, cursing and challenging those privileged positions of the Art Gallery, the mass-market-art-production, and those that control architecture, etc, as those and that which controls/dictates the scripting of cultural spaces and exploits its talent. Remember the message is the medium, and content is just another medium. This too, as with each curse, will start as audio and move towards video and then public curses. There public staying power will be dictated by participation.

And lastly - that I am going to work on - is a Nestle Curse to Coincide with Oct 17th event in California -- it will be done that day to help enhance the Death Curse Against Nestle. And so this will prob. be the 1st curse that I get to work on. And then that curse will follow the plan of the others.
Hail to the New Flesh!
Rev. A.A., , Coyotel Rising!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Celebrating Die Elektrischen Vorspiel 6th Anniversary


We will keep this short. We of Thee Uncondemning Monk Momus aka Thee UM, Rev. Al L. Aguero, are celebrating the 6th anniversary of blog-site/project Die Elektrischen Vorspiel, by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo. As such, we created a rendition of our track, Invocation ov William S. Burroughs, a magical invocation & soundwork of and for William S. Burroughs. The track was reworked explicitly for this celebration. An explanation of this project is reprinted below (written by J. Mendes).

Reprinted from Die Elektrischen Vorspiele

Die Elektrischen Vorspiele’s 6th anniversary  compilation album, featuring:
Angélica V. Salvi, João Pais Filipe, Kanukanakina, AC//HHYNova Orquestra Futurista do Porto, HystericalOneManOrchestraEvil Schmidt , Terra Oca , Sturqen, Thee UM Rev Al L Aguero, Walt Thisney , Marc Hurtado , Val Denham (with Farmacia), Harpoemacto.

This album is released by EdP – Editora do Porto. Available here as a free download.

Et Quid Amabo Nisi Quod Aenigma Est?
Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, a blog founded on January 15 2009, and whose sixth anniversary is commemorated with this release, was envisioned as a space for the nurturing of a “savage thought” (that is, of an undisciplined nature). In its essence, and as an individual project, it aims mostly to be a vehicle for its author’s vast-reaching interests, while at the same time harnessing them into some form of discipline. More than just a reflection on the fascination caused by the themes implicit to its lexical field of action, as shown by the coordinates and key concepts that define the boundaries of its territory, i.e. “Occultism” / “Esotericism”, this virtual space mainly maps some of the topologies enclosed in the History of Ideas. A vast and sometimes ignored area of Knowledge, whose apparently paradoxical character drives a magnetic pull towards the need to identify its true nature, as ubiquitously manifested along various historical cycles, in an unending drama staged in the theatre of the Anima Mundi. This is, in fact, the true raison d’être of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele.
As a direct result of its existence, November 2010 saw the publication of the book “Summa Techno(i)logicae”. This work, as implied by its title, is a thoroughly compiled and systematized patchwork reflecting the interests that guide its author’s research. From then on, periodic collaborations with other projects ensued, such as the magazines “Finis Mundi”, “Infernus” and “Antibothis”.
Still under the aegis of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, and always through the establishment of complicities and connections, a number of events were created and carried out in the past six years. This set of actions (with Music as a constant common denominator) has had as its main goal the evocation of the life and work of various figures that have left behind crucial legacies. The people celebrated include the musician John Balance (Coil); the historian of religions Mircea Eliade; the poet and theatre director Antonin Artaud; the philosopher Georges Bataille; and the japanese writer Yukio Mishima. It is also worth mentioning the series of events spanning along the year 2013, Occult Esoterica AV Gatherings, curated in collaboration with intermedia artist Ana Carvalho.
The proposal made to EdP – Editora do Porto (in the person of its administrator, João Ricardo) for the release of this compilation emerges as a consequence of shared common cosmologies which have gradually been transmuted into friendship, and also of João Ricardo’s encyclopaedic musical knowledge, while the invitations made to the artists taking part in it are the logical result of a chaining together of elective affinities (a process permanently taking place since the first Homeric dawn).
Júlio Mendes Rodrigo
Porto, December 23, anno 2014, era vulgaris

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thee Up and Coming Album Songs: or, yes we have songs by Thee UM

Greetings fellow travelers,

We have a special treat for you all. Circa 2001-2005 we not only wrote an album (which we never published or did much with, besides give it to people and let them listen). Anyway, we wrote this untitled album, which are track 8-12 (mainly), and it sat around on this or that hardrive, cd, whatever. So, finally we have decided that not only will we release that, but all the works we did with our soundwork partner at that time Phil Indrick, who will be known as Mr. Pi, or just Pi. Anyway, Pi and Thee UM created this here album. It was written off the cuff, as are all our works (most -- we do go back and re-work some, improve them over time by repeatedly playing them), and it was done on cheap tape-records, old PCs running Win98, and the like. So, what we are planning is to take the songs we had written and re-do them for an LP to come out in 2015/2016 some time. Its the third album on our list of albums or soundwork projects. Anyway, we wanted to point out a few tunes that really highlight what will be coming down the pike in 2015-16. We are just going to list them and let you all check them out for yourselves. We prob. have more to say about them, but not now.


Okay. Tracks - Note: Malachi Levi Spectrum (MLS) and St. Stephen are both Thee Uncondemning Momus/MONK players. For more information -- read our blog more... but these are our songs, not Mr. Pi's songs... the other unlisted (here, not listed here in this blog) tracks are done by us both! Okay, these are Thee UM tracks that we wanted to bring to your attention [note: you might have to turn up the volume, bad recordings]:

7. Malachi Levi Spectrum (that is Thee UM) - "Descend"
8. St. Stephen Malachi Levi Spectrum (thee um) - "Holy Fire Law"
9. "Moon"
10. "Moon" (again?)
11. St. STephen Al Aguero - "Descend"
12. SSMS - "Prophet of Fire"

Okay. So those are the main tracks, songs, yes, SONGS of Thee Uncondemning Momus. Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Broken Music Box (released)

The Broken Music Box, by Phil Indrick (Mr. Pi) & Thee UM is now RELEASED FOR FREE (soundcloud)

What is this? Why do you care? Its our Glitch Project, sound/keyboard (its the glitched instrument) -- which made the basis for this project... we worked all sounds and ideas around its glitching (even when you don't hear glitch its there glitch, informing everything we construct... of course we 'de-glitched' a lot of it for sound continuity, but that keyboard malfunctioning was the heart of the project.

We will re-explain...

This is The Broken Music Box, by Phil Indric(k) and Thee Uncondemning Monk

This was our 1st -- First -- GLITCH PROJECT ---

The year was 2002,

One winter day, in Binghamton, New York (USA), during one of our frequent drunken episodes, Phil and Momus, who normally had a few after we were both done with our work (Phil was a bell-hop, and Momus was a stay at home telemarketer, private for an auto-insurance company that two woman owned,) and so after work was done and Phil got home we tie one on, get all drunken & high, get Momus all RAW with his bad self, honesty and truth not far behind that mouth o.v. Momus... seriously, Momus has a Mouth... a really brutally honest mouth, that prob. knows no bounds... well, Phil liked it and would encourage the Mouth of Momus to come out and play some music... well one day the batteries on our keyboard started to die... we where using it for its beats, you know how those 'cheap' keyboards would have like all the so-called standard, samba, mamba, beats? well, it would like try to play the pattern but it couldn't but still wanted too (batteries... that are about to die, or all dead minus one or two, whatever it takes to make it work but not -- to glitch or not to glitch is never a question)

... well let's start or I wanna tell this again

so you see/read/K-listen, okay? m-kay?

so we we had this project and it was known as the Broken Music Box, our 1st glitch sound-work... what we did was put batteries that were about to die out, into a keyboard which has beats that would play, press button beats, and it would attempt to play the pattern it was set to, but since i was running low or fluxing low on battery-power, juice, it would get all random but still in a pattern, very fun...

Mr. Pi wrote some beats, I wrote some beats... we would go back and forth with these until you have what you have here today... we only hope that Phil is as happy with the sounds as we of the Jack Frost Committee are!

Okay.. we hope you enjoy this work... its free and yeah... BUT WE REALLY REALLY NEED $$$ -- Thee Uncondemning Momus aka Al L. Aguero, is not working at the moment, he is trying for disability because of crippling bout of Rheumatoid Arthritis, IF YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY, MONITARILY -- this is the TIME = please send a donation (we give away our works, our sounds, we put ourselves out there for you, for us, for myself, so if you dig what we do, please help us to keep doing it... and yeah, paypal to (whatever you are able to afford, what is our worth... we hope its something). The Best in Chaos and Love. Prof. Al L. Aguero aka Thee Uncondemning Momus.

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