Friday, August 31, 2012

An Update occures


Seems like 'long time no speak' but really its all relative, and speaking of relativity and POV type shit, we have done an aspect switch/re-hash of playing acoustic guitar and singing/ranting the blues.

 Its NEW, as we were never one to sing that frequently in multiple person situations... we would even get shy in the forest, without 'human' presence sitting quietly in the flesh, 'listening to us' as they do something else. Yeah, so this is branching out for us in a familiar way, as there has been times when we have play the streets for money, change and what not, bills please, to help us get food and from point A to X, Y, ... and so on... so singing while playing is a new exercise, as we need the poetic free form that blues and other guitar centered styles can offer us, at this particular moment in time. The UM lost their Queen. And in that lost a New Queen emerged.

Babalon Seal

Thee Uncondemning Monk has rightly begun a devotional to The Whore of Babalon. As such we are learning the occult history of this mythological archetype of dismissed historic/cultural iconography. We have only started to walk the path that shall ultimately be our devotional to Babalon, as SHE is much and great in our position of awe and trepidation. WE gather to take ourselves on bellies before the greatness that we have, up until now, forsaken. Recognizing past short-comings we have devoted our work towards a devotional of our Goddess, Babalon. All Hail the NEW FLESH!


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