Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW T-Shirt: The Begining of the 3 Finger Series

Well, we have a new shirt: 3 Fingers High Series (F' U.M.). We are using the gift of the Black Panther like Middle Finger with the initial of thee Uncondemning Monk forming the 2nd minor fingers. The three have but one message, as the false fingers are a thin disguise, which cannot hid the middle pillar, the I floating above its base, the fist. Well, we have said enough, check out our ANTI-CONTROL T-Shirt; and by that we mean BUY ONE!

Anti-Control Uncondemning 3 Fingers High

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burn This Planet: Becoum EZ-Star (Occupy Now)

 We here at the Jack Frost Committee, those many-one that is/are behind the persona that is/are (izare?) the becoming that goes by thee Uncondemning Monk, have this to say about the occupy movement:

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