Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucy Fur: The Satanic Childrens Album

We are going to do it! Thanks to the inspiration of a Saz-Q!

Coming oh so soon, under the working title "Children of the Eastern Star", we are going to be hither forth working on putting out our first children's album, and its going to be for children of Satanic parents.

We don't have to tell you that Satanism is very misunderstood. But what got the this ball rolling was e a few words Saz-Q wrote as a comment to St. Simon Magus, II, on Fb. She wrote 'Lucy Fur', and there it begun. A sweet parody, a lully-bye, 'Lucy Fur, Lucy Fur, I love you, yes I do, I love you' -- just like that, there it was. Now going with this notion of cute and catchy kids songs, we are hence forth putting our daily experimental energy into creating not only the 1st Satanic children's album we know of, and there could be some out there, please let us know if so. But also, a really good children's album, no matter what 'spiritual' path you identify with. As a Rev. of Coyote Satan, St. Simon Magus, II as part of Thee Uncondemning Monk (also comprising, St. Stephen and Aglaeca).

वे विल बे पुत्तिंग आउट थिस वर्क ओन आवर सोउन्द्च्लोउद अस पार्ट ऑफ़ थे उन्कोन्देम्निंग मोंक प्रोजेक्ट बुर नोट थे एन्तिरे सोंग्स जस्ट थे वर्किंग इन्स्प्रिअतिओन्स वे विल तोय्विथ थे फाइनल वर्क विल बे गिवें अस अ बन्द्काम्प लप . ফুর্হ্তের্মরে বে প্রাইসে শয়তান লুসি ফার ইস ঔর ক্যাট গদ্দেস বে প্রাইসে টি রেড গদ্দেস অর্গ !

Now going with this notion of cute and catchy kids songs, we are hence forth putting our daily experimental we will be putting out some work on SoundCloud, but only tastes and experiments, the tracks are planned to be polished, but one will be enable to follow with the project as it emerges, that is when we really and finally get going on iy... we are very excited to be doing this. As a former social worker, we know how important it is that people understand your religion, and that people who are known Satanist often get a very bad wrap. Many who are Satanist hide it; practice in private, as such only a few know their secret. Satanism and the worship of Lucifer, not the same thing, these various practices should not be hidden in the dark. Religious tolerance is for all. But we do not want your tolerance, we understand that this is not they way it can be, for us its a war, as such, we will be creating an alternatives for parents, and perhaps now or in the future others will join me in this project. If you are interested in creating a Coyote Satanic Children's Album, again, working title, is "Children of the Easter Star", or maybe "Children of the Serpent" or "Children of the Light" or side A could be "Children of the morning light"  and side b or in this case disc II would be "Children of the evening star". Anyway, we are open to working with others on this project. We sure could use the help.

If interested in collaborating on this project, email us c/o Simon Magus, II of Thee Uncondemning Monk: Children of the Eastern Start (as the subject) to

As we will, so mote it be accomplished!

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