Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Uncondemning Current Project Report

Consumer by Levi Courville and scott hochstetter from FB 23 June 2012

So much news, so little time. We have much to blog about but not the time to blog about it. What are we working on? 

Well, The Keepers of the Fire collective has set a date for their first international release, an LP, which does not have, as of yet, a title (its still known as the first LP). The KotF collective is planning to release their first LP this September 22, 2012. Now some of you were able to preview their work on A Bataille Film. Concerning that, we are still patiently awaiting footage of the two day, July 7th & 8th, 2012 Bataille Event, held in Porta, Portugal. Our Portuguese contact will be getting us that, perhaps sometime this August. Also, please note that T.O.P.Ē. has Δ to Æ (Autonomous Explorations and the lesser know ÆIA, Autonomous Explorations In-Finite Academy). We mention Æ because there will be a Free Booklet for Æ, as in introduction to this non-organization (at least the first run, and then open in a public-domain way, as a Ratio Zero Publication of AIN23, the details on copyright and trademark issue have not been decided as this is an important issues which we are fighting, TO SHARE IS DIVINE; also OT3M, Anti-Control, Art Cult, and Æ members, ask about the TOPE-I Google Drive keep our library)

On another note there are a series of projects that we are hoping to contribute to. Right now we would like to speak about two of these. One called The Empire of Bliss, and the other The AIN23 23 Seconds of Time Project (23 SoT). And instead of describing Empire of Bliss to you, we, as is our tradition, will let them speak for themselves: [start quote] What binds us is our shared interest ( euphemistically speaking ) for urban life, magick, DIY culture, (anti)modernity and oneirology. An “Empire of Bliss” does not refer to an empire in the historical sense with its hierarchical structures, rigid bureaucracies and standing armies. It refers to the true empire, the inner domain. An empire that has been explored by mystics and magicians for centuries [end quote].

Now as just a few days back, AIN23 is excepting all sorts of audio for its fifth installation/volume of the 23 SoT project, which they describe as a cross between a cut-up and [start quote] a poetic exercise called "An Exquisite Corpse" [end quote]. Two very interesting projects. The Empire of Bliss is looking for compositions of sound that deal with, well again, we use their words: [start quote] Looking for sound artists to join in on Empire Of Bliss' Apocalyptic Summer net-compilation. Send in tracks dealing with anything related to the endtimes, babalon, squatting, aliens, TAZ, … Keep your submissions under 10 minutes so everybody gets an equal share. Tracks can be sent to, preferably before 15th August [end quote]. Or at their Facebook. And of course AIN23 also have a new theme for Volume 5, entitled, In Chaos We Trust, which you can learn more about from their website (there are some simple, but important guidelines/limits).

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Support Artists -- You Make IT Happen ! ! !

With less than 58 hours left, and even less by the time you read this blog (you have until the 16th of July, 2012), there is no time to waste. Only $145 to go, Rachael Please is in the homestretch but we need YOUR HELP to make this happen. We were given permission by RVR records to make a little video pitching the importance of this album, and if you listen closely, you will find out why I am so passionate about this album. Rachael Please is like, no, not like, they are a fever dream, with intimate knowledge of alienation that only those whom have been on the outer-realms of the social order can know ("the loser, substance abuser, broken hearted, and the retarded... 'cause I think we're beautiful"-- Warrior Soul, "Losers"). Hospitals of all stripes are presences of this home-sick atmosphere. A malaise of days gone past bye; of marshmallow people, and serotonin poisoned hopes over caste in burning red skylines.

You are not simply supporting an album. Yes you are doing that, but you are moreover supporting a group of artists. We don't know what more we can say. Listen to the video, listen to their music, and then take the time, and some money, and make this happen. Don't think the other person down the line will do it, or that some will at the last minute save them, because you are that other person, you are our last minute savior, for Rachael Please click HERE.

And now if that was not enough to convince you, to part with your unbelievably precious time (we kid not), which is also (often) traded for money, please watch and listen closely to our video, and then go donate to the album, there are some really great perks for doing so... such as:

Rachael Please Album: Incest is the Highest Form of Flattery (from their kickstarter)

Pledge $25 or more

3 Backers
You will receive an autographed copy of the new Rachael Please CD
Estimated Delivery: Sep 2012

Pledge $35 or more

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You will receive Autographed copies of the new CD + the previous EP, The Corruptor + Reward 1
Estimated Delivery: Sep 2012

Pledge $75 or more

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You will receive Autographed copies of the new CD, the Corruptor EP + an autographed LP of the Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard (Featuring "In the Arms of a Stranger" by Rachael Please". You will also get special dedication in the new album. + Reward 1
Estimated Delivery: Sep 2012

Pledge $150 or more

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You will receive autographed advanced copies of all future Rachael Please releases on Retro Virus Records. + Reward 1 & Reward 5
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Pledge $250 or more

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Rachael Please will record a cover song of your choosing and add it as a special bonus track of an exclusive copy which only you will receive.* *:Please allow for additional time to record the cover and receive the special cd; in the meantime, you will also be sent a regular copy of the album as well at the normal time. + Reward 1, 5 and 6
Estimated Delivery: Sep 2012

Pledge $300 or more

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You will receive a special laminated all-access VIP pass to any and all future Rachael Please shows.* + Reward 1, 5, 6 & 7 *:Please note that in some cases, special arrangement may be necessary to ensure your access in advance.
Estimated Delivery: Sep 2012

Pledge $500 or more

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Rachael Please will dedicate an entire panel of the album booklet to YOU and YOU only. + Reward 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8
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0 Backers • Limited Reward (4 of 4 remaining)
Rachael Please will play your party, your birthday, your bar mitzvah, take you out to lunch, dinner or breakfast, pretty much anything you'd like! Good anywhere in the continental US. You're the ultimate fan, and we'll even get a metal plaque that you can show off to all of your friends. + Reward 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
Estimated Delivery: Oct 2012

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Small keys, an expert from Time Cluster A-1'abc Version UM

Note: all definitions are liminally incomplete

AIN23: Atonomous Individual Network, thee 23 current, see William S. Burroughs on the number 23... AIN23 is a new manifestation of, nay a phoenix from the ashes of the carcass left as the "wreckage of history" (W. Benjamin) to his-(sorry)-story ye olde TOPYNA, a forward movement escaping destruction and condemnation by would be controllers, those who say when is this and that... seeking to escape oppressions...  

BwO ≈ Bodies without Organs, see Gilles Deleuze, see Felix Guattari


KotF ≈ Keepers of the Fire, a sound collective

MLS  Malachi Levi Spectrum, Malachi was born in the early 1990s. An incarnation of ritual magick seeking away beyond the reactionary reality of a tripart system (often disguised as a duality) ontologically being black, gray, white, the middle term graying out the magical mosaic of difference (ode to Foucault)... return to the Jack Frost Committee has taken place... MLS shall not undertake work since until the re-birthing process has outstripped its prerecording

OV ≈ witchcraft, see OV and its relationship to anceint Judaic injunctions against witchcraft and necromancy of particular kinds 

OwB ≈  Organs without Bodies, see Zizek  

Ppc  Ppc
Psy-Chick: see Urban Dictionary, sisterhood, sister-brotherhood, an S-other-hood? bonding agents, bridge-workers & bridge-players, various sites of particularization, erehwon t/here ≈ erehwyreve dis-localizations... degree ov BwO/OwB

SM ≈  ritual splace for the production of the primal scene of power as differential and sublimity

T.O.P.Æ. ≈  isotope, iso-tope, temple ov psychick exploration, free radicals, a site of education, exploration via mutual education via research and application of arts converging on the work of William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, AOS, Frater AC, Lacan, anti-psychology, experimental social configurations in the spirit of Fourier, to name a few (Pierce's linguistic operations), Alfred Korzybski, W Gray (flicker and neurobiology), ... a nonorganization, a title of a booklet that designates a situation, a site emerging forth, a headless deployment ov bridge-workers... as such we are independent work/study group and are NOT affiliated with Genesis P-Orridge, yet seeks to explore all others who have in time contributed to what was TOPY as well as contributors to that Pyschic Bible, to reestablish the rhizome that others would reduce to a pedegree, a elitest linege in face of the communism, rejecting the cult of personality without its denial, striving for an automous collective, of unified circles of circles of myriads of contrapuntal in-dependent group of in-dividual, of legions of the many uncounted, brought together by pact not contact... 

TOPYA ≈  temple ov psychick youth anonymous
TOPYNA ≈ temple ov psychick youth North America... see defunct or transformed... 

UM ≈ Uncondemning Monk, see St. Uncondemning Monk, also: St. Stephen & Aglaeca ≈ St. Stephen Aglaeca

When you are afraid of the past you lock in your future, denial and avoidance are never the right tactic, nor is creating a "he who shall not be named," nor inadvertent sanctification of  taboo terms, we seek to aid thee in setting free from the words, without denial of their resonations, does silence proceed the words or do words proceed the silence?

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Divine Filth: In Memoriam Georges Bataille

8 July 2012 at 19:00H

Estúdio 111 (ao Teatro Sá da Bandeira) 
Beco de Passos Manuel nº40 / 4050-Porto

 FEE: 2 euros

Die Elektrischen Vorspiele is pleased to invite all interested to attend the event titled Divine Filth: In Memoriam Georges Bataille.
This event honors the figure of Georges Bataille on the day that commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of his death.

The event is coordinated by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo with support of Teatro Sá da Bandeira Negra Tinta Editorial and O Homem dos Livros alfarrabista.

Temple ov Psychick Exploration Production
 The event Divine Filth: In Memoriam Georges Bataille starts with the exhibition of the film A Bataille Film.
Produced by Temple ov Psychick Exploration Production, directed by Rev. Prof. Al Aguero (Thee UM), with Rev. Steven J. Leyba, Rhizome Connectome e Sin Jones, and soundtrack by The Keepers of the Fire (KOTF).

Gilberto Lascariz 
Writer and esoteric. Created in 1989 the Conventículo TerraSerpente and Confraria Sol-Negro, both organizations dedicated to the artistic aesthetic renewal of the arts from the esoteric point of view. Throughout the eighties and early nineties he published essays in various magazines and literary articles about fashion and art, from the perspective of the Esoteric and Luciferism, with intention to bring to artistic context the spiritual experience that many philosophers of Surrealism and Fantastic Art of Vienna advocated in the first half of the twentieth century.

Magenta Interior
Originally from Hungary, living between Lisbon, Istanbul and Berlin. Interior plays with the variations of any color palette, with its luminous, physical and metaphorical meanings, in the expression of human emotions. The expression of Magenta often translates into texts and at other times images. Her texts have been translated into illustrations by several Portuguese artists and into moving image by visual artist Ana Carvalho.

Is the solo project of Filipe Silva, in which he makes frequent use of the acoustic phenomenon of feedback both as a sonic element and as a manifestation of cyclical cause-and-effect events.
HOMOs performances are based on the relation between bodily gesture and the production of sound, lying at the intersection of base acoustic principles, shamanic evocation and low-fi illusionism.

Catarina Miranda
Artist and researcher working mainly in terms of choreography and performance. Born in Portugal in 1982. Currently living and working between Porto and Berlin. Collaborates in terms of creation with the collectives Flocks & Shoals, Piso, Projecto Gentileza. Co-founder of the Cultural Space Altes Finanzamt in Berlin, 2010.  Presented her work at Curatorials Lab/ Guimarãos Capital of Culture 2012, Long Night of Artists Music at Hau2 (Berlin/2011),  Ghost Program (Real/Lisbon/2011), Knot Festival (Berlin/010), AMIW Festival (Wien/ 2011 and Coimbra/010), Lawine Festival (Berlin/Porto/09), Skite/Sweet and Tender (Porto/08), Festival da Fábrica (Porto/08).

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
HHY - Cypher used by multi-specter instrumentalist and producer Jonathan Uliel Saldanha representing his Skull-Cave Dub strategies, for the evocation of the ecstatic.
Founding member of the art and music platform SOOPA, operator for the band HHY & The Macumbas, Fujako, Besta Bode and member of the Mécanosphère bureau.
Under his own name or with other formations Uliel shares projects and has performed live with: Raz Mesinai (Badawi), Steve Mackay (The Stooges), Mike Watt (The Stooges), Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound), Mark Stewart (The Mafia), Rafael Toral, DJ Scotch Egg and countless others from a wide lexicon of context and geographic location, playing in festivals like Filmer la Musique and Sónar.
HHY's sonic work is concerned with animism, magnetic radio, echo, the jungle, subsonic frequencies and the relations of sound with its ghosts.

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo
Has been playing an active role, since 2009, in programming and production of events, held under the aegis of his personal blog "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele." Lecturer, researcher and writer, has published several articles, crossing areas as diverse as Cyberculture, Psychoanalysis, Literature, Religion and Esotericism. He is the author of the book Summa Techno(i)logicae published by Negra Tinta Editorial (2010).
*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversations around Georges Bataille

          7 July 2012 at 15:30H 
Centro Unesco do Porto / Rua José Falcão nº100 / 4050-Porto


Die Elektrischen Vorspiele Negra Tinta Editorial, in collaboration with Fundação Engº António de Almeida, are pleased to invite all interested to attend the event titled Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversas em torno de Georges Bataille” (Acephalia Encyclopaedica: conversations around Georges Bataille).

The major aim of this event is to honor the figure of Georges Bataille on the year that commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of his death. The event will take place at Centro Unesco do Porto, with presentations by the poet José Emílio-Nelson, and professor Rowan G. Tepper (Binghamton University – EUA). Moderation by Júlio Mendes Rodrigo.

José Emílio-Nelson was born in 1948, in Espinho. He is poet, critic and editor. His poetry is compiled in two volumes: A Alegria do Mal Obra Poética I (1979-2004) and Ameaçado Vivendo Obra Poética II (2005-2009).

Rowan G. Tepper is academic from United States. His research interests circulate around authors as Michel FoucaultGeorges Bataille and Pierre Klossowski. He teaches Compared Literature at Binghamton University (USA). He is the author of the work “Michel Foucault: Toward a Philosophy and Politics of the Event” (2010).

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo has been playing an active role, since 2009, in programming and production of events, held under the aegis of his personal blog "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele." Lecturer, researcher and writer, has published several articles, crossing areas as diverse as Cyberculture, Psychoanalysis, Literature, Religion and Esotericism. He is the author of the book “Summa Techno(i)logicae” published by Negra Tinta Editorial (2010).