Sunday, June 6, 1999

The Jack Frost Committee & Thee Electric Queens (credits/cast & crew)

Here is a list of those who participate (thus far) on Thee Uncondemning Monk™ project, as well the current project Skiddoo 32, On 23 Skiddoo Street™

when z close zy eyes and opens thine eye

The Jack Frost Committee™
St. Stephen --writer/musician/educator/hospice persona (also writes for Modern Mythology)
Aglaeca ---poet/musician/film maker/wartime persona (TOPI member)
The Uncondemning Monk (aka: Tuck™, T.U.C.K.™, St. Tuck™) -- the middle excess of the relationship betwixted and between St. Stephen & Algaeca (on the path to being a viral servitor, expanding to egregores, a godform, that refuses all back-upon thy self lock-ins, for greater mutations and proliferation thereof as the sigil of Tuck goes forth)-- copyright and other licenses are held by A. Aguero for Thee Uncondemning Monk, Aglaeca, and St. Stephen.
Delia Skybird --editor/model/actress/caretaker/writer/TOPI member

Thee Electric Queens™ (aka, You Electric Queens™, The Electric Queens™, all acceptable)
Thee Uncondemning Monk (as above, now below)
DJ Lockjaw ---collaborator/turntables/lyrics/writer/raps/stop motion film maker
S. V. Swart ---(aka DJ Lockjaw) bass, drums, experimental writing, painting, poetry, rap, film

"Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Lost"---HoodooEngine, "Nothing is Sacred", Murder the World