Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who Are You? Uncondemning Monk o.v. mine...

We told you, we are in process o.v. (alchemically) producing thee Uncondemning Monk. But you may not understand what that means. So, we have decided on an explanation to aid your enjoyment and understanding of this project. First thing to know, the project is not static, it is purposely undefined and will continue to be left open in that manner. This is important for all of history, all its permutations, all images of identification are brought to bare on the subject, as we move from (away) this understanding of a subject. As Deleuze would say, we are not on that plane of the subject, rather we are concerned with being haecceities.Second thing to know is that as this project changes new emerging theme will come to the fore. The larger project is always shifting, taking place in a morphological manner, topologically speaking it rotates, but on its revolutions, new faces emerge, like a quark, a turn and a half might be needed to bring us back to a start, but never an origin.

Third, our engagement is simple. Wake UP to the Reality of Sigil and Chaos Magick use in everyday life. Its the economy stupid. Enough stated there, but you prob still have no clue as to what our aims are, and yet we are finding it difficult to be more clear. We are destroying personality formations in seek of new types of relations to self, to understanding body as a myriad, multiplicity not as a dichotomy, by going through it all. Since there is no exit, we move through it. And as we dig deep, we destroy, as we push through we destroy, as we transform we destroy, we create/destroy, that is what must be done in the doing, in all doing. So join us through our EVILutions. From the filth we bring your destruction, its from the left behind that the seeds of death infect and decay the new Jerusalem, your gated communities, your Bysathine death towers and kept shells. We are here and you know why... we are the many, we are the no one, we are Thee Uncondemning Monk. Coyote Satan!

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