Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Experiments and new innovations and creations see Thee Uncondemning SoundCloud

Some of you already know, as you follow us on Facebook, and for that (putting up with FB) we thank you. We are diversifying our modes of communication while keeping this blog site constant (updating in discreet intervals and providing all links to other uncondemning splaces) until we make a shift to an uncondemning website (Flash--- "he saved everyone of us"). Anyway, The Jack Frost Committee writes to you today to tell you where to find our current workings. We are currently engaged in such experiments as, sound painting (ready mades, cut-ups, fusing and slumping, with a blending technique), ballet pieces, Halloween landscapes, soundtracks, and d-tunes, as well as building from others' stem projects and field recordings, as our work for Loopool.

We would like to share a few with you.

We hope this working track will be meow to your heart.

Meow Meow Pharmaceuticals: Version One (Two as One)
by Thee Uncondemning Monk

and that Loopool track (and example of sound painting and something like Electro-Jazz)

Loopool working projet of feild recording week27 bagage claim version nine keys
by Thee Uncondemning Monk

Here is a little  ballet/waltzy solo

ClassiOperaBallet: Version One
by Thee Uncondemning Monk

And ghastly, our Helloween sounds

Meditation Three Holloween Starts Stark Five
by Thee Uncondemning Monk

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so please give, and we will give in return... as they say, for the price of coffee and donuts, you could save the life of an uncondemning monk... but as we know, salvation is free, its a gift that lets go of the ruins, its given in a certain attitude. And what we are really saying, really is that for the money we waste, we could easily help out the project. Remember its not so much that Heaven on Earth is bad, its just, whose heaven and whose earth, the State is a cover of the variety and heterogeneous existence's instences that it must subsume, contain, explain, turn out, smoother in the Same that is different in kind, we are not kind, and to it that it must dominate, we say behold, and rip open reality, a space where we can be inhumanly humane in our unsanity, lusid with a mad inspiration that they say is divine...
Opt of another way, not the middle road but the middle finger!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leary Pleasure: Mother Halo meets Thee Uncondemning Monk (working)

We have a new work in progress to share...  Skybird says if you want to pigeonholed it, then its industrial, we say, we aren't sure...

Leary Please: pleasure by Thee Uncondemning Monk

this is a remix, sort of, an assemblage given and reassembled and add to by Thee Uncondemning Monk, from Mother Halo, on the topic of pleasure (to which we say, but there is a whole history, as Sadean that maybe

Dub step in mind but not strictly of that kind, k-ride south and solo down to the crowd with Halos, thee monk's inclined saturated minds eyes opens wide to skies live and wonder why cries and angel thighs the dinner plate's ringing time to call it out on its lies OM my God is falling... trains leaving the station, soon you'll hear momma calling

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uncondemning Apparel (and products): Thee Uncondemning Middle Finger™ Collection

From this nomadic corner to thee other, we bring you Uncondemning Apparel™. From the design team that is The Jack Frost Staff (Committee)™, brings thee Thee Uncondemning Middle Finger™. The "Uncondemning Middle Finger" is a series of shirts and there will be many versions to choose from. Get it with or without the Uncondemning Logo/Sigil or even Trade Mark. New version are being worked on as we type. And hence, we kindly ask that you please be patient with us as we get going.

Unlike a large corporate machine, or little machine (a one that is many) does all our own work. So now there are two way to help support us and our project. Time is money and money gives time, and we want be able to afford the time to further realize thee project that is Thee Uncondemning Monk.

For now, please consider this novel-t as a personal statement of freedom.

Purchase for yourself, a friend, a love one, your children, even toddlers... we are open to possible encounter with all varieties of being, especially creatures. Again, we thanks you for your time, and your support. If you do not need our wears, please consider a direct donation instead, as we really don't need more crap, do we? But sometimes we need a new shirt, perhaps this one will be yours.

see us at Zazzle
and for more of the Version E Series see Zazzle E 
if the panel is not loading... kindly click the above links (we are working to fix this minor problem)

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Thee Nonmusic of Thee Uncondemning Monk

About our music.
Light & Artaud: image-5c
Until recently, we were under the dellusion that we made music, but that is not honest, not with ourselves, nor with our project. Simply said, we are interested in the manipulation/augmentation and usage of light and sound, sound and light. It just so happens that they have musical elements to it. Our films are currently an initial exploration of our work on the cut-up and our work to move it forward, via two addition methods we have come up with, article to follow. These two extra or additional methods are "Fusing and Slumping" AND "blending," such that it goes something like this... we cut it up, we fuse and slump (using some bridge work), and then blend it into an irrducable, non reversable entity, that can not be undone, less it be destroyed. But back to the music.

As soon as we discoved that we are not into making music, that we are into making nonmusic, Thee Uncondemning Monk started to become more musical, ironically. As such, we are working on some bass beats of a more "traditional" variety. These are too experiemental, and will be coming to your soon. By way of new news for those that follow our project, we have two new videos to share.

New Videos/Films:
For a Dead Artaud on his Birthday (or) 120 Years for Artaud (Version 5)
and the other film
a ride of the slow dawn of nonmusic video version one/three

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