Saturday, April 6, 2013

Temporary Shutdown: without a countdown


Here is the skinny on why you haven't heard any new works going towards our 'satanic' children's album, or any other daily experimental type works. It is because, in part, our main system crashed. And if that was not enough, one of our members is suffering from rhuematism and cannot work at all at the momemt. As for our system, we are not sure what is wrong with it, hoping hardrive or ram, but who knows at this point. We're hoping cheap, starting low. Now we hope to have our system up and going again sometime next month, or the month after. Yeah, funds are tight, and donations are next to nil, so we must save all we can to work on the system. Is there any good news?

Well, the unexpected hardware glitch is giving St. Stephen some well deserved time off to work on getting into 'better' health or should it be health in quoation marks. Never leaving our political side aside we are working with St. Stephen to attempt to understand the social-relational aspect of his rhumatism (RA). We know that he is seeking different therapies as for now he is not willing to take any of the newer (last decade if that long) biologics aviable, such as Enembral and its compeditor whose name slips our mind. Eitherway, all of us here at the Jack Frost Committee are pulling for St. Stephen, and know, given time, we can expect a full remission and return to action with Thee Uncondemning Monk project.

In the meantime, or while the sound system is down, we are exploring other ways of making music that do not revolve around our major rig. We are getting out the tape recorders, digital and analog, and are feeling out what might be interesting to jam to. As always we jam our living enviorment and are working towards some new experiments involving the sounds of the White Lodge. So, stay tuned for that experimental enviormental endevor.

Until then,
The Jack Frost Committee (under  the common account)

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange), please use our paypal link or go to paypal and make a generous donation to and let us know its for Thee Uncondemning Monk project. We really could use help fixing our system, as well as money for alternative healthcare for St. Stephen. Even if you can only send a few dollars, if only everyone would do that, we would be in much better shape. Thanks and love in return to all, in advance! As it is, so be it. As I will, so mote it be. Love under Law, Love under Will.23/93/37