Monday, October 29, 2012

Around the Corner: A Broken Music Box

Year and years ago now, there was a project called The Broken Music Box. The project was largely manned by Phil Indrick, and supported by the Uncondemning Monk, as we would work to build various beats and textures. The original project is somewhat lost, and amongst what is lost is a soundtrack to the movie Nosferatu and another for Metropolis. IF we can ever get a hold of Phil and get him to finally launch either of those projects, as they were intended as live soundtracks played to these two films, shown independently of  each other of course, or at least serially. But what we do have to offer is a take of the Broken Music Box Project, called A Broken Music Box: 23 Letters Collection (missing letters), exhibiting the potential of what was and may still be, if lines of transmission can reach out to Phil, lest we start another broken music box machine.

SEMI-Table C-42
SEMI-Table E-32
SEMI-Table Z-93
FULL-lever X-21

Z-Total-manipulator ::  aeffect disorder code 172.37

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keepers of the Fire & Hallowed The Season

The Keepers of the Fire (KotF)


Has finally launched their first LP. But let us first speak of what is KotF. From our Keepers of the Fire website:

[The] Keepers of the Fire are an international sound/musical collective engaged in disjointed, layered, an asynchronous communion and collaboration. Our collective work is open ended, with no commitment to any particular style, with the self projected decision to work with and explore via this vehicle what is known as the Third Mind of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin as conceptual creators of said Third Mind as concept, as well as cut-up and other techniques aiming at experimental works never before manifested... we remain undefined, held together only by a loose conception, all toward creating lasting bonds between members. Get our LP (free) here: Keepers of the Fire LP

A Gothick/Thee Uncondemning Monk: A Split For the Hallowed Season

 Very soon, today-tomorrow soon, we, Gothick and Thee Uncondemning Monk (Thee UM), as well as guest collaborator Obietk 172, will be putting out a split lp, the middle songs of the slip will be the collaborative work, leading from Gothick to Thee UM. So, we are working hard to get this ready for you all. Please stay tuned on our Facebook site, to get the LP as soon as it becomes available. 


More work is underway, and we will be updating you all very soon. For those interested in understanding more fully the personae(s) of Thee Uncondemning Monk, please see our Facebook Break Down/Identity Math.


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