Friday, January 3, 2014

Back with Electronic Psychic Hygiene

In Morocco, magic is practiced more assiduously than hygiene, though, indeed, ecstatic dancing to music of the brotherhoods may be called a form of psychic hygiene. - Gysin, The Ticket That Exploded

Indeed, those who know of our soundwerk know its less about 'music' as it is about exploration of sound and a being with the intensities and flows, as a type of psychic hygiene. Often we will even label our works as such. Recently we have restarted upon electronic works, as our main system is now online and fully functional. The small netbook we were using to get by just didn't cut it for more intensive works and sound emulations. And so we have restarted: The Devils Still Inside, Daily Psychick Hygienic Soundwerkings. The Newest jams can be found on our soundcloud.

We continue to work with the Keepers of the Fire (KotF) to produce a 2nd LP and perhaps work on a few new additional projects. We are considering doing a sort of promotional work for our most recent involvement, Thee Network. Thee Network is continuation of our work building autonomous networks of allies for individual sovereignty and collective autonomy. Thee next work of Thee Network is aimed at enjoining with others to solve what Burroughs phrase, "the algebra of need", that we might become sovereign individuals and autonomous collectives, dedicated to ourselves and each other through thee network. Together we can create an exit we can share. Thee Network is unmediated Unity. Please join with us, as Al-Barr, at Thee Network: and learn more about our togetherness.

Okay, that is all the news thus far... continue to maintain and work for unmediated unity, unmediated by state, unmediated by church... autonomous individual each and every one.

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