Thursday, August 8, 2013

Drones of another tone: its about rhythm and trance states

Thee Uncondemning Monk (Thee UM) has restarted work on the daily psychick experiments, soundwork, but this time with a focus on the acoustic guitar. St. Stephen of Thee UM has gotten back to playing a mixture of blues and droning rhythms on the acoustic guitar.

St. Stephen
Not but for an occasional acoustic session, St. Stephen has not played acoustic on a regular basis in over 3 years, and its slowly coming back. As such we are already looking ahead to the next part of this trend. It seems to us that the next logical step will be digital addition and augmentation. As  such we have already started playing around with this recordings known as The Devils on the Porch jams.

 The Devils jams will continue to play with both the blues as well as droning rhythms aimed at creating trance inducing states, primarily for St. Stephen.

The jams will also go further by exploring experimental acoustic music beyond what we have hitherto played (or at least recorded and posted). As we move into new ways of using various techniques on the acoustic to create trance states and gnosis, we will also be adding in electronic experiments, as well as sound manipulations of the Devils jams.

Remember, the Devils jams on the front porch are on the front porch and as such they are also field recordings, and that dimension will be focused on was we explore various digital manipulations. Stay tuned and check out the latest daily soundworks via Thee Uncondemning Monk's SoundCloud.

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