Saturday, September 29, 2012

ÆIA, KotF, and Babalon

Greetings from Thee UM;

Let's get right to business. Here is what is going on with Thee Uncondemning Monk project. In the order they occur to me to relate to thee... The booklet, Æ (Autonomous Explorations), is still being worked on. We have decided to not make the 22nd of September deadline, and as some already know, push the release date away, until the end of the year. This will not only afford us more time to polish the work, and save capital for its distribution (remember the 1st run will be free, minus shipping and handing for some locations), but it also affords us time to make this work more collaborative. In the coming months we will be seeking art (in any medium conclusive to paper publication), including textual works, hybrids, and whatnot for what we hope will be the abstract/concrete basis for the larger project, Autonomous Explorations In-Finite Academy (ÆIA).

Autonomous Explorations In-Finite Academy (ÆIA): the goal of this headless non-organization is to aide not only individuals and groups to forge bonds, butter-but to facilitate in the desired 'education' of participants and allies sympathetic to our general cause. ÆAI aims at opening a space for the realization and survival of our groups in turbulent times marked by the post-post of modernity, and as well of what gets subsumed in the term Capitalism. In these spaces of recognition, we seek to keep open relations of power so they do not centralize. Our interest our Thee's interest, as U are sought out to provide not only content, but rigorous analysis of our technological situation, in the most general and immediate of forms, whether this technology be in the fields, or virtually established via inter and intra nets... many of our members are members of universities but seek to work outside the confines of this business; and hence we offer our works freely to all interested parties, whether the topic be law, copyright and trademarks, or information on growing food in an apartment, aquaponics, we seek to enrich ourselves with knowledge that is directly related to our desire to create spaces that allow occultural experimentation and the becoming of beings...

The next project we would like to make mention of is The Keepers of the Fire (KotF), and its 1st LP. This too was to be released on the 22nd of September, 2012, but was also held back. The reason for this unexpected change in the release date has primarily to do with minor organizational problems which are at the heart of our international collective as enterprise. We seek no monetary gain, at this point, for our works, although we do encourage you to help out individual artists with money if you are able and have a will to do so. But our work is the work of coming together through and in the medium of communion, sound, that has worked to discretely unite some of the members of our collective, KotF. As such, we expect the first LP to be release sometime mid October, 2012. As for the continuance of the Keeper's collective, that remains to be seen, although it is socially a fact that of the twenty plus members at least five of them are irreversibly bonded and will continue to produce works along the lines of the Keeper's exploration into what Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, along with Sommerville, call The Third Mind. Indeed, moving beyond cut-ups, in layering techniques, that often paint with music in the most materialistic form, that often leaves abstraction to taint and tint via song titles, these open ended works, which only take a few members to fill. So, please continue to be patient with us as we work to get this 1st (last?) LP of the KotF on bandcamp, with art works, this Oct. For a taste of the work, you can hear some of what will be on the LP by watching (listening to) the film, A Bataille Film, released this summer in Porta, Portugal. See older posts for more information...

 And lastly for now, two inter-related projects concerning Walter Benjamin, and "The Whore of Babylon" or Babalon. Or project is not a wish for the past but rather a redemption of not only what haunts the present, what remains in ruin of the present-past-future, but of this future that lies in promise as a horizon we cannot yet see beyond, and yet are laying the foundations of such, in our times... our project turns to the work of Benjamin and his essays on Language, seeking to detect changes in his conceptualize of language as knowledge, as well as his identification of instrumental reason, and knowledge thereof and by, IN, that in this world which silences nature and cause her lament, this lamentation is revealed in the perversion that is the Whore of Babalon, and as such we take her as our image, but not to seek a return to some past. Rather we seek to explode these images, and set free the future-now which will ride on new logics and modes of communion that differ from our present role/gender situations that still play in the binary field. Hence our work is both creative and academically rigorous. If you get inspiration from our work, please be kind enough to acknowledge us... for who else has notice that Walter has named Eve like a child, forgetting it seems that to know is to become of one flesh, this other knowledge of Genesis, and re-generation.

And so we conclude our update. Continue to stay tuned over the coming months, as we will be giving more details on these and other projects as they emerge and unfold, crystallize and fade through fruition.

Thee Uncondemning Monk (underwritten by The Jack Frost Committee)

*and remember in our present monetary situation, donations = survival (move to the sigilistic bio-exchange)