Saturday, April 28, 2012

What inspires Thee Uncondemning Monk? Not hard to guess with a flag that size...

Field Report: The Jack Frost Committee has been taken over, so to speak, by new additions to the committee. Also, as a related consequence of these new comrades Skybird was but a clerical illusion. We here at the gated office have a problem of an erasing memory, our codes are for better and worse relied upon for verification, and yet it is know that there have been cases where entire identities and profile clusters are wiped from digital storage-time... follow as you may the broken pages... she no longer is and St. Stephen no longer, in any sense of the word, in control. Aglaeca has resumed and absorbed some of the remaining power, yet the bulk of the com-directives are coming from the new members of the committee, members that choose to remain anonymous at present-future time, of course they support full disclosure in non emergency situations, we pray that time will arrive. Instead we turn to what inspires us at the committee:

We live in a contradiction: a brutal state of affairs, profoundly inegalitarian–where all existence is evaluated in terms of money alone–is presented to us as ideal. To justify their conservatism, the partisans of the established order cannot really call it ideal or wonderful. So instead, they have decided to say that all the rest is horrible.(

Friday, April 27, 2012

MotherHalo: 23 Plus Signs (new un-limit release)

MotherHalo: 23 Plus Signs, towards a review and pirate release thereof

LET Start with the Sounds, yes, the album has an unusual range. Knotting together Motherhalo's unique sound is an analytically structured interweave of  industrial dance and improvisational jazz/experimental soundwerk --- experimental in the best sense of the term--- chalk-lined full of groove orientated sonic rhythms, never so busy that it looses melodic legibility, rather Motherhalo treats their sonic portions as a matter of textual intensity, and whether subtle or harsh (on occasion) the album guides its users, lifting their soul into psychedelic realms of phat base and drum loops combined into sonic walls of nitrously echoing heat, distorted vocoded voices bemoaning, leading the user through the DE-conditioning  tales intertwined with lines of guitars that (s)weep, and gadgets that s(w)ing, "Blood", no. 6--"Surveillance Bait", no. 7, quotes lifted and implanted...he talks to you... to the chopping block, goodbye alcohol, goodbye t.v., FIRE, virtual game, you know not what you do, and masterfully mixed experimental musical tale that is not simply a conceptual album, but an album opened up to you, for you to open your self, to open up in shock, awe, uncanny truth, that you are not home in your home, that you are home in no-where that is right t/here, clutching a dark razor blade, this is a game, blood with a thought, cover your faces, virtual --- you know not what you do, remove your faces, to the chopping block, clutching a dark razor blade, this is a game, thoughts, fire, cover your face, good bye t.v., good bye... blood with ink... know not what you do... the games of 23 plus signs are a pathway into a ritual... you are entered and centered in Blood, at the emblematic point, when you will have realized that you are too far, its too late playing in this ocean, 23 Plus Signs' quiddity, this speak and spell of alternative dimensions that intrude and include like rhizomatic infection, fragmenting the familial patterns that have long been set, by the time you realize that you have been in a panic, anxiety, and its far too late as we have been trying to warn you away... this picnic is not as seems, TV (lies), that is why we are what we are ≈ nomads of the sound-waves and their productions underground we swim [are] we [are] moving forward. If so, its because the present is going to murder someone, and television shows us that police are terrorists, that self-expression is where revolution begins...remember you where given a choice to choice, only the choice matters, resist these choices, these camps that they will put you in, 23 plus signs, to let you know to WAKE UP! you are now included! tag you're a trans-human-separatist... and perhaps not even human at all**

(welcome to our organization, Thee JFC, your ISP has been recorded, and reported! we are friendlies, you will be contacted, do not be alarmed when this happens, you will be then assigned a frequency and instructed on how to...)

23 Plus Signs :: A New Sound Project Realized by MOTHERHALO

will it come? will you be able to hear about the "door that leads into the garden that has been locked for years", no. 9, "Interstellar Mystic"*Originally appeared on Spaceship Graveyard MetaSpace KRU, "The Virgin and the Volcano"...

"When 37 First Stepped off the train,  outside the Eternal Life Administration and Processing Station*"...
Islamic Angels are submitting to God, with lies that comes from the bloggers, that come from the media, that you give to your friends, they have refused, given up the ghost, we are the holy spirit of fire, here our catholic unity, can you not hear the whaling calls, they are burning with Fire, no longer idiots, literal, they have burst into In-finite Fire... and t/here in gold it stood awaiting, 23 Plus Signs. The hand painted CD case, golden, opened up to a note on lined paper, "Please review, online," is what was handwritten on the lined scrap of paper, on the inside of the hand painted CD, 23 Plus Signs. 23 Plus Signs adored the work. The CD itself also painted with the care only a hand can give, not that the hand has no involvement, but the smooth laser printed CD looses that human quality, some would call imperfection, we would dare call life, not unlike a Subject of Truth/Da-sein, but rather so, we are the creatures that are immoral. Remember, we kick followers... we eat the meek... we crave you to be strong... you take to much drugs... the 1960s, they they changed times, we want to shock you out of your ways, because we are doing nothing but the program that in uncontrolled into a autopilot of desired disasters, all avoidable for something that tome, which arrives to us as:

23 Plus Signs

is it an album or manifesto ?!?!? Hunchbacks and Soldiers (Frater AC)

We are not sure what it is that we have, that has been put into our hands. We have it, playing now on our desktop, playing as we write these words, of a promised review. We open the inside of the CD side of the case, in between the plastic side there is more paper, notes, liner notes. Mother Halo (is that one word or two, on the front of the case its spelled MOTHERHALO, and so that is the spelling we shall conform to) is the name of the band. The album is a compilation of sorts, or rather the album is a collaboration. Here we quote: 


And that is the truth of the matter. And so we ask you, or that is we here a question, a voice being raised. What is the purpose of doing a review of an album which has only 37 copies and hence can only be heard by a few individuals. Ah! You got us... what is the point? Well, there is a point. As there is no copy right that we see on the work, we have the ability and the go ahead to distribute this work across the internet as we see fit. Review? Review? 

We will do one better for you... we will be bringing you 23 Plus Sign in video... we of The Jack Frost Committee, are committed to making video works, visuals, for the album 23 Plus Signs. We do this so that the revelation that is 23 Plus Signs may spread I.T.s wings and Fly... we have only one command, we are to follow our good, not the good, but thee good, the extra E makes a difference, thee good shall be followed, thee good that is beyond a simply good and evil, a process that does not collapse into the right or left, but continues onward open, in faith to the truth of this event, these events, we mark, no longer records, but discs, put out into the world. And 23 Plus Signs addresses these worlds; from the prophetic "32 Sights In Site 23", no. 5 on our version of the album, to no. 4 & 5. Blood (aural and emblematic mix respectively), (with work from Obiekt, thee Uncondemning Monk, Sidney S-Ickness, Spaceship Graveyard, and more, not to give it all away in this review), we are going to now and over the course of the summer be working with other members on the album to release this puppy in digital formats, beyond the 37 copies... there will only ever by 37 o.v. thee hand-painted originals mailed out to list members. These copies will remain as they are, as special as they are, for all time that they are and are remembered. The truth set forth on this album is immense.

A.A. o.v. Thee Uncondemning Monk (St. Stephen, and Aglaeca)
under the sign of 23 & 37 (God is the obvious responsibility---"self expression is where revolution begins" from the song, "Surveillance Bait", track no. 7)

God No. 8, "Thirty-Seven Kills Twenty-Three At 4:15" (is sooo fucking!! and its heavy-groove hypnotic-rocking, really digging these sounds... the only comparison one can make is to an alien spaceship invasion that knows warfare as a dance of droning sonic magick)

*Words on "The Gathering" Taken from the book "This Number Speaks" by Jason Patrick Doherty (check out on amazon or lulu)
or write to Thee Uncondemning Monk (look for our blog on the web or visit one of our pages on Facebook, also St. Stephen, and [the members of] The Jack Frost Committee)

= 5 × 10-9 M⊙ yr-1                     MK UBV  --- o.v.---- IX Vel 

What we have in 23 Plus Signs is

++++++ =6
++++++++++   = 7
++++++  =6

12+7=23=5; 1+2=3...7.... 3+7=10=1+0=1... 3,7 = 0,1

mathemeDiscourse of the Analyst - Deliberate subversion of the prevailing master discourse 

The four positions in each discourse are:
Agent = Upper left. This is the speaker of the discourse.
Other = Upper right. This is what the discourse is addressed to
Product = Lower right. This is what the discourse has created
Truth = Lower left. This is what the discourse attempted to express.
The four variables which occupy these positions are:
S1 = the master signifier
S2 = knowledge (le savoir)
$ = the subject (barred)
a = the objet petit a or surplus-jouissance

Q: What makes a Lacanian joke funny?
A: Its signifier by its very nature anticipates meaning, unfolding its dimension before it.

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)
** what is matter? where is it that we are? is energy eternal? and what is Spinoza, Cantor, Maurice Merleau-Ponty are the right way to start?