Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thee Uncondemning Monk: an Update & the F#$%ing NSA


It has been quite some time since we have made an update/post, so let's get right to it. Thee Main Computers for Thee Uncondemning Monk project are still down and are not expected to be back up and running until sometime in Oct. 2013*, but we will start uploading new experiments to soundcloud, as we are going to explore new (to us) ways of making music. For example, we have a jam that was inspired/centered around a dripping faucet, where we each played some part of the kitchen area, and recorded it to our small digital recorder, which has very good sound. So new projects are on the way, and in the coming weeks, not months, but week, we will be back on track and creating new experiments.

Okay, so the soundwork is returning, our daily experiments have re-started and new files will be coming your way, but that is not the only reason (ov) why we have been silent. We have been fairly busy, we moved our headquarters again and are still getting settled, but even beyond that, a couple of things have been keeping us occupied. Okay, so in the order that they occur to us.

Let's start with two items, T.O.P.Y. (T.O.P.I.) and 'spygate' the NSA/Snowden affair.

T.O.P.Y. --- as some ov thee know, we are a member of AIN23, which we joined after being dismissed from T.O.P.I. (without even an email) for questioning control, for turning our critical faculties/skills on ourselves, as well as on the intention of Genesis B. P-O (GBP), and the problematic of having a symbol that GBP has attempted to reclaim and press his trade mark powers/rights. Okay, first of all, FUCK THAT and Fuck her... the hypocrisy is too rich, ah, but wasn't that true of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV so on and so forth? Yet, if one has the resources and looks back to the public, ratio 0 materials, such as Occulture magazine, vol 1, no 1, one will find that no one, not even GBP (and s/he is specifically mentioned) control, owns, runs, Thee Temple of Psychick Youth (T.O.P.Y.). Its an idea (a concept, and heterogeneous), its a process, which was, for better or worse, given to thee ethers. Yet it is our understanding that GBP having $ difficulties of sorts, wanting to secure GBP legacy decided to reclaim T.O.P.Y. and the psychick cross, which is ultimately why T.O.P.Y.N.A. became AIN23. Okay. So we have decided, since T.O.P.Y. is for all and none, anti-control, that we can and should restart the project, this time without GBP's involvement in anyway shape or form.

Now we respect GBP and recognize that T.O.P.Y. was in part their brain child and a great contribution to culture. Butter-butt as Jodorowsky has often stated, once in a great while one is blessed with a great idea, but their personality blocks its development, and its not until the person who birthed the idea dies, that the idea/concept is able to bloom. Indeed! And well, we don't have time to wait for GBP to die, nor do we wish him ill will, butter-but, we are restarting T.O.P.Y., for better or worse.

We will have a social media site on the internet, perhaps even a ning like before with the One True TOPI Tribe (there is no true TOPI tribe, just pluralities and a claim to truth). And on that accord we will have the site up and going by Oct 23rd, 2013, at the very very latest.  So there is more to coum on that.

So if you are interested in helping with its development, not only of the website, page (we are not going to use Fb), then please contact us, via email: nonphilosopher(AT)gmail(dot)com or find us on FaceBook ( or on Diaspora as Simon Magus, II. Okay, so we will be going into more depth about that as we get closer to the revival date.

Okay, thee NSA *** #OpNSA :: #Bypass #OWS and #restorethe4th... and more tags, but especially check this tag/link #opnsa. We have been working with News Station 023, that is and you can also find us at our blog site, where we report original news (just a couple articles are up, we are in need of news correspondents, but its going ahead a steady pace). In connection with this is of course the #OpIRS thee IRS story which suggests that Obama's administration is using them as a political weapon on both liberals and conservatives who do not fit with what the government (big-G) wants. So we have been engaged with learning all we can to help not only put an end to the spying, but to help create the conditions for radical change (from the root, from the rhizomatic roots). Between government spending being out of control, the presidents abuse of power increasing, and the spying on all our various communication and internet usage, we see that Americans are finally getting upset, riled up, and perhaps its truly time for the people (that is the rest of us, not the government) to wage a war, and of course we call for the workers of the world to unite, that the Tea Party see beyond the lies and bourgeois revolution for a proletariat revolution, as Georg Lukács lays out in his 1924 text, Lenin A Study on the The Unity of His Thought, not only a great book, but entirely relevant to our current situation (even if we need to advance the thought to the concrete historical realities of our modern, post-modern, never-been-modern 'world'(s)).

Okay, so we have been engage with that project (St. Stephen, Aglaeca, and Simon Magus, II -- Thee Uncondemning Monk and chairs on the Jack Frost Committee). We are for a revolution -- that is putting the means of production and organization into the hands of the so-called 99%. We are also working to bridge the Tea Party (in it various manifestations) and Occupy (in there various manifestations) in their difference (not to erase difference) to unite, as the workers of the world (starting with the workers of the USA) lead the rest of the exploited, the part-that-has-no-part, as Rancière would say.

Obviously we have been quite busy with our activities, and will continue on, as always, until victory is won! We say, Impeach Obama, but we want to go much farther with that, for its high time we go through capitalism into a non-capitalism situation, the communist horizon (and there is a book by that name, which is great, Lukács), which is a non-capitalist situation which we cannot think because we are limited to our capitalist situation, hence we need to set the conditions for a non-capitalist situation from which to think from,. We need to set the conditions for a better world, because we know that a better world is possible, to quote the Seattle protest quoted in an amazing text by Issabella Stengers and company, Capitalist Sorcery. Anyway, before we enter into a rant we are going to stop. Now you know a bit of what we have been up to and that we will be back with our art work, as a hygienic practice, as well as a impolitical, infrapolitical act of Art War. As thee should know, we are for the autonomy of the individual as such as a social being, (a social anarchism, or an anarcho-communist, aka Coumunism...  not too different from what Spinoza has to say in his text, Ethics. We are demanding and working to manifesting the sovereignty of the people! Okay -- bless the couming insurrection  (see the work of the French theorist/collective Tiqqun) -- to a new-way-on!

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange), please see our paypal link for more, or send paypal donation to al (dot) aguero (at) gmail (dot) com -- and help us get our computer systems up and running -- thanks in advance for your generousity, ever dollar counts, so please, if you can only give a little, you can only give a little, never harm yourself to help another --Thee UM