Saturday, October 8, 2016

First Earth Records and Thee Um

And so, its always seemingly awhile before we post again. Eh, such is I guess. Anyway, lots been shaking. We have released two LPs on First Earth Records, and a bunch of releases on our personal bandcamp. Let's start a little with the First Earth Records, cause there are only two. The First release is an Agitation Φ and Thee Um release. We have been working with Agitation Phi creating experimental musical tracks. And so that's basically what this is, In the Middle OV 6.

Now its call In the Middle OV 6 because that's basically what it is, at any given point one can be said to be in the middle thereof, as such this is a pick of six of our then latest tunes which are now no longer the latest, because we are in the middle of creating and will be creating more. In the Middle OV 6 also features the artist/electro-musician Astarte 23, along with Lien Void, and a few others, all of which are credited in said tracks, so go and check them out. The 2nd LP we put out is Thee Sigilum, which is more of a solo work. Only one track has work from Agitation Φ, which is the concluding track, all the others are solo endeavors by Thee Um. The artwork was again created by Astarte 23, responsible for a sigilized version of Thee Uncondemning Monk, with cat face. Its all pretty groovy.

Then there are a myriad of works we have recently released that you can check out. Along with our soundcloud where you can hear our first incorporations of a ghaita (which is a flute used in Northern Africa). We're still learning, but its a fun and interesting addition to our works. Taking our cue from the work of the Master Musicians of Joujouka, and their ancient rock-and-roll trance inducing kif loving sounds. And unfortunately as you might know, they have recently outlawed kif production, which is putting a hurting on the Master Musicians, it being their traditional cash-crop. At least that what we have been reading on the web. So, support them if you can, they will need all the help you can give. And while we are asking for support, until we finally transition of our present way of doing things (and by we i mean the world's populations) we appreciate all the support people have shown via our albums, it keeps us going. Okay, and so, speaking of new tunes, here is "Star Seeder," a drum, bass, and flute track by Agitation Φ and Thee Um, with artwork by Astarte 23. And so, we are going to cut it short and just leave you with this bit... in a few days, perhaps even today, there will be an interview coming out, done by Black Iron Kisses, so we will be posting again about that, and filling you in on other works and projects we have been recently involved with. As always, drop by Thee Network on facebook and on the web, at

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