Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leary Pleasure: Mother Halo meets Thee Uncondemning Monk (working)

We have a new work in progress to share...  Skybird says if you want to pigeonholed it, then its industrial, we say, we aren't sure...

Leary Please: pleasure by Thee Uncondemning Monk

this is a remix, sort of, an assemblage given and reassembled and add to by Thee Uncondemning Monk, from Mother Halo, on the topic of pleasure (to which we say, but there is a whole history, as Sadean that maybe

Dub step in mind but not strictly of that kind, k-ride south and solo down to the crowd with Halos, thee monk's inclined saturated minds eyes opens wide to skies live and wonder why cries and angel thighs the dinner plate's ringing time to call it out on its lies OM my God is falling... trains leaving the station, soon you'll hear momma calling

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