Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thee Nonmusic of Thee Uncondemning Monk

About our music.
Light & Artaud: image-5c
Until recently, we were under the dellusion that we made music, but that is not honest, not with ourselves, nor with our project. Simply said, we are interested in the manipulation/augmentation and usage of light and sound, sound and light. It just so happens that they have musical elements to it. Our films are currently an initial exploration of our work on the cut-up and our work to move it forward, via two addition methods we have come up with, article to follow. These two extra or additional methods are "Fusing and Slumping" AND "blending," such that it goes something like this... we cut it up, we fuse and slump (using some bridge work), and then blend it into an irrducable, non reversable entity, that can not be undone, less it be destroyed. But back to the music.

As soon as we discoved that we are not into making music, that we are into making nonmusic, Thee Uncondemning Monk started to become more musical, ironically. As such, we are working on some bass beats of a more "traditional" variety. These are too experiemental, and will be coming to your soon. By way of new news for those that follow our project, we have two new videos to share.

New Videos/Films:
For a Dead Artaud on his Birthday (or) 120 Years for Artaud (Version 5)
and the other film
a ride of the slow dawn of nonmusic video version one/three

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