Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uncondemning Apparel (and products): Thee Uncondemning Middle Finger™ Collection

From this nomadic corner to thee other, we bring you Uncondemning Apparel™. From the design team that is The Jack Frost Staff (Committee)™, brings thee Thee Uncondemning Middle Finger™. The "Uncondemning Middle Finger" is a series of shirts and there will be many versions to choose from. Get it with or without the Uncondemning Logo/Sigil or even Trade Mark. New version are being worked on as we type. And hence, we kindly ask that you please be patient with us as we get going.

Unlike a large corporate machine, or little machine (a one that is many) does all our own work. So now there are two way to help support us and our project. Time is money and money gives time, and we want be able to afford the time to further realize thee project that is Thee Uncondemning Monk.

For now, please consider this novel-t as a personal statement of freedom.

Purchase for yourself, a friend, a love one, your children, even toddlers... we are open to possible encounter with all varieties of being, especially creatures. Again, we thanks you for your time, and your support. If you do not need our wears, please consider a direct donation instead, as we really don't need more crap, do we? But sometimes we need a new shirt, perhaps this one will be yours.

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and for more of the Version E Series see Zazzle E 
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*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)


  1. When I saw this middle finger apparel the first thing that came to mind was a glyph I made for a similar campaign awhile back.


    Which is yours to use if you like. I built it off of the black panther raised fist.

  2. thank you for the offer, we are honored by this gift... we will credit you if and when we use this (we will use this, but give us time)... we also have one called the Cold Blue Middle Finger (but we have to recontact the artist for permission)... thanks again, any and all support is obviously highly appreciated... dedicated to the Third Mind

    ---Algaeca ov Thee Uncondemning Monk

  3. we have also put up a few new kids shirts, the middle finger version e: indigo children, as well as a few others... but clothing may be put on hold as we work through our flood situation.