Monday, December 12, 2011

December Update: Future Senarios and Current Currents

Greetings from Erehwon,

Much has happened. We will start with the great new first and then wind down. We are proud to say that Thee Uncondemning Monk is now regular present in the sway of Coyotel Priest A.A. This is a great occasion for celebration, some mote it be, to control abandon embrace a historical modern destruktion, empty form, life returns, even before the winter, hiding in the cave tiny one, virus goes, what have we done, surely not done enough, you don't even stand there you sit, you sit, you sit, in the sway; go through not around, there is no other passage way; go through to the crown, there is not but a fool on he/r way, as such it is a gloomy day and another day of WAR before the red of a dawn; no clock we wind you; the day grew longer, and time personal, space was as it was, now different. We prepare, we continue on our mission (

AIN23 is now being fully supported through our A.A. channels as such we will continue to contribute to all sound and visual projects they here-forth offer... and this too is another part of bridge-work and as we understand the free-radical has been trasnforming in his potientila (Nuit) that s/he (Hadit) are able to become, one is infinite says A.C. As such Audio Project #4 23 Seconds In Time Audio Project is still open!

Many new track have been release on SoundCloud; a few on Reverbnation on FaceBook, and a bunch are being worked on. A semi-secret/secret project is on it way to reveal its truth to those who we shall appear to, those that has found us. As we get closer to this secret project we might and might not talk about it here; these things have not been decided, and as such whatever transpires, there will be something very new on the horizon.

Thee UM has also been working with Hal's Contact Compilation where one minute songs are the standard... we are currently engage in a chain permutation and can hardly wait for this to be realized, but the fun is only starting as the chain-mails pour in...See our latest in Contact Compilation 5 (collaborations only):

So, as you can see, much has been happening.

And not just one more aside, but a great thing, we are also now supporting the work of Brunhild Ferrari ( we all can look forward to collaborations of a different nature.

Well, that is the report... please go check out the sites, because one song by Thee UM does not mean the next song has sounds in common... style, all submit, change, moving forward... work; sound - sigil ! 23 ! A.A.

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange) [see the paypal--just take a quick bit to show your appreciation]

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