Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking Back at St. Stephen's experimental writings: 5 and Dime

Five & Dime: (or 1 in 10 + 1): [1-5; pp. 200-210]

The above link is to a piece of writing by St. Stephen of Thee Uncondemning Monk. Thee Uncondemning Monk is not simply about sound and light via "music" and "film," but rather we embrace/borrow/glean/steal (so far) any and all methods for fabrication, creation, the making of artifacts and markers of splace-time, what peoples call recordings, we capture these explorations, even the mundane ones, especially the mundane (how sacred it can become, and then secular again, not like the turning on and off of a light switch, no, not a nightlight, but also not not a luminous ding). 

Thee eradication of the frozen, as Kafka and Walter Benjamin request of us, as Nietzsche calls for we who hear and take up our hammers, to philosophize and sound out the hollow, others call for a tuning-fork, that we should tune-in, turn-on, drop out, DROP BACK IN (so often forgotten, we must shout it now). We also know, as you may to (you will shortly), that it is high-time, neigh passed tide-highs to Philosophize with an A-Bomb, perhaps now its time to vaporize with even never vibratory technologies... sucking that all in and blowing it out once again, do we make imagary breath when we speak in our head? 

The above piece of writing puts into action the bricolage technique; as well as other methods gleaned from Burroughs and Gysin; and other unconscious infantile and influential  flows... we hope you enjoy this short writing (image) experiment...

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