Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sound & Light Work on New Corner Stones

The full title of this post is Sound & Light Work on New Corner Stones: or the pencil, pen, brush, finger, string, and keys... to Alumat We Go. Recently the team has been reading The Process, by Brion Gysin. We have totally amerced ourselves in the worlds that Gysin describes in his thinly veiled history as much as we are able (almost constant sounds of Jajouka ring in the air, as we toke the green dragon we call little horn, in between readings playing our drum until we loose ourselves and awaken inside of trance states). And in and out of these various states of psychical (ultimately material) becoming, we have been discreetly pondering the words of the master, commenting on his own painting. Gysin states because his hand is moving too fast in present time, now, he looks back over what has been done, back to the past, and then forward to what is coming... this intel has lead us to a realization and 'founding technique' for our Lightwork.

Our lightwork has moved beyo
nd or expanded from digital photography and light play to the use of charcoal and graphite, coloured pencils, fabric markers, water colors, acrylic, oil paints, blood, DNA. None of Thee UM are very practised in these artists, in the sense of drawing or painting... as such our biggest project to date has been writing and sigilizing our foot stool at the Interdimensional Corridor, Factoryville (East Waverly), New York (this has been St. Stephen & Simon Magus, II doodling project). Hence it has also come to us to do that which we are practised at, while expanding our abilities, and that is lettering, script, and the like. Taking up the spirit of Brion Gysin, as our master, we have figured out a technique based on his comments on his own painting for creating non-language. Basically, and this is only part of the technique, but I think out what I want to write in normal speaking speed, and write it out with attention towards accuracy but at the speed of speech, making it impossible to keep up with the words what comes out is a English (if we are using English) looking sentences. Another key is the spacing, and the music, as well as repeating phrases and permutations. But we will keep it at that for now, no reason to give away all the details to our 'founding technique' which is leading us on the path of our master.

It was the very same day, while playing acoustic guitar to some drumming we had recently recorded, that we found our 'founding riff' this 'foundational' corner stone is a stone we can leap from into our trance states on our way to our Goddess. We are also happy to report that we will also be adding, three new instruments to the mix, a snake charming wind instrument, a callers drum (with snare like string), and a pan flute... we cannot wait to incorporate these into our works. As you might know, those who have been following Thee Uncondemning Monk soundcloud (see the links to your left on this page) we have been engaged in something called The Devils on the Front Porch Soundwork Project. It started as an off the cuff, one take, blues project, that has moved into trance like sufis inspired music. We have also been digitally augmenting it and getting very interesting and pleasing results, much inspiration. As such we are slowly working to pull all together and we think we have compiled enough riffs that we may leap and laugh our way into trance states, which we hope will bring the listener along into these other worlds.

Thee UM is also working textually, not only on the continued poetry of Aglaeca, St. Stephen, and Simon Magus, II, but we are also working on writing a text for the next Coyotel Satanic Church book, a continuation of the Trickster's Bible, the Trickster's Koran, and this newest up and coming book, The Trickster's Terrorist Manual. We have turned back to the French Revolution and the terrorist that fought the German would be empire... the sort of terrorist to be proud of. But we don't want to give away too much and will be reporting more as we get closer to the release date sometime Winter 2014.

We are also working on combining our light work techniques, the Ghost Technique, will be meeting with our Non-Language or Ghoul Script in a new type of semi-digital ART. As we slowly work in our sexual magic - sigils and beyond... as a devotee to the Goddess who is known as 15, we continue to work towards relying on technology less, while not shunning it, but being realistic of our finite realities, as Apocalyptic Witches, embracing Year Zero of our Satanic Age.

Lastly, we are working on an album we will be releasing via BandCamp. We are hoping to have it released before Summer of 2014. We will see. The album will be the first cumulation of all we have been doing this last year, combining the lightwork, textual and verbal works (speech work, part sound part light work) , soundwork into one ART WORK, a digital record of leaping laughter from corner stone to corner stone, to hell and heaven, and far beyond into alien-spirtualities. We are very excited and are just now getting to the stage where it is all coming together. Praise be! As It Is, So Be It, Do as Thou Wilt, that Is the Whole of The Law, Love Under Will, As We Will, So Mote It Be -- هل إلهة العظمى !

Coyote Rising,
Thee Uncondemning Monk (Simon Magus, II, St. Stephen, & Aglaeca)

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