Monday, October 13, 2014

Thee Uncondemning Monk & Thee Uncondemning Momus: erasure and change(s)

Greetings to all,

We want to take some time to explain our name change. Please note that the blog site url will remain the same. It will remain or We are not changing that because it would just cause too much confusion and needless work. And confusion nor needless work is just not very desirable at the moment. But if, if we ever do do that, then we will let everyone know via this here blog-site.

Okay, so why Momus? Why not Monk? Well, as people have noted Thee Uncondemning Monk has never really been all that non-judgmental and furthermore and more importantly we are, and have been, seeking paradoxical opposites for a process of nullification of the in-dividual identity (see the blogs description -- that is what its all about). And so it finally has became time to caste off the name Monk, the title Monk, and to embrace Momus. Destroy yourself. Destroy all rational thought. Undo Reasons chains. We are Thee Uncondemning Momus (Açma-Allah). What does that all mean? You are on an internet capable device. Go and seek! Butter-butt we do have this to say to light thee way:
"We do not condemn when we judge. We do not judge when we condemn," Thee Uncondemning Momus

And so - there are going to be changes, ramifications, that have yet to play out, spin out in time/space.

Currently we are engage in a few projects. We want to take the time to go over what we can, speak about, now. Okay. We have also been doing a lot of drum work. And we are working on a A-E process of creating a new cut-up work. We are using a lecture by W. S. Burroughs that we have taken 10 mins of, and cut-that-up into itself. The result is basically a description of the project itself. That we very interesting and encouraging. Anyway here is the process we have designed for his work. We hope that upon reading it, you get what we are doing (its basically an exercise we were inspired to create), perhaps genius will bless us, possess us in its wake. Okay.

Overview of our current cut-up project:

A*) original lecture or voice audio (10 min long)
B*) Cut-up 10 min audio into itself, overlays and cut-ins (copy over or add in -this might increase or decrease the 10 min audio)
C*) added voice phenomena cut-up and into audio (which will prob. no longer be 10 min long)
D*) trance drumming layered in
E*) binaural tones (and or synth added - with panning)
*EQ-ing the work and other cosmetic and effects can happen at any point
here is the original lecture our stage alpha 10min was taken from a YouTube video William S. Burroughs lecture, July 20, 1976, on paranormal, EVP, text+tape cut-ups, prognostication.

As we said, we have been doing more drumming and here is a taste of what that sounds like: Duce Por De La No Uno Mister.

Okay. We are also doing a tarot project. We are working on creating a deck from a description that goes back at lest to the early 1800s, if not further, we are not sure. We are not sure about that, but we do know that we have never seen its economic or minimalist symbology present by any deck. And we have seen a lot of decks in our life. Note that we are not one of those persons that thinks all decks are equal in the sense of equally useful, equally valuable, equally knowledgable in terms of what they are attempting to do. We have a few favorite decks. Our Top Two are The Thoth Deck (Frater AC), and the Tarot de Marseille (Camion-Jodorowsky). All we can say right now it that we are working with another person who will not yet be named, from a book on the history and practice of magick. As the project comes closer to fruition, we will then start dolling out some real details. Until then...

Our last projekt is our Halloween DKMU Glamour-Bombings. 

On that work we will remain silent, except for this, we are going to be working with the Red King, White Queen, Ellis/Red Queen, and are in the design test phase now. We will give a full report after the glamour-bombing is completed. 

Okay. That is all for now. Until next time... rock!

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

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