Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Website For Thee Uncondemning Momus and AE

New Websites. Yes, there are new websites and new urls (eventually*) such that will point to the A.A.U.M. google-site. For now, just click on this A.A.U.M. Site, and that will always get you there. As for AE, we do not yet own a unique URL for that site, but work is in progress.

First lets talk about the AE Site, because there is perhaps a little more to say, and then our new site for Thee Uncondemning Momus, aka Rev. Al L. Aguero.

Æ stands for Autonomous Explorations. As such, what we envision is many bright-lights coming together to flesh out the site in time. As such, we have created to continue to explore and transform (assualt even at time) reality and our worlds, as well as World Writ Large. Ah, so much to do, so much to talk about, we get such little time. And we plan on using that time to its fullest. Here is the basics behind Æ. which is the network, and open to all who are able to come up and enjoin with us.

Æ is formation of individuals interested in creating a mesh of headless (non-hierarchical) rhizomatic networks, of collectives based on principles o.v. (but in no way limited to) William S. Burroughs Third Mind, as well as phalanstère as imagined by Charles Fourier (as an example). We are a new non-organization, seeking to promote some concepts. Our goal is to realize the various rhetoricians that have inspired the events of our mutual co-operations. Æ is a splace where we can use our difference as well as commonalities to bridge our worlds, to question authority, disarm undo imposed control systems (internal and external), to move forward further as a real next way on together... being-in-our-worlds-together... our contrapuntal dancing is an invitation that you have been waiting to see... it not about membership... its about connecting... we are a brother-sisterhood of autonomous explorers.

Okay, moving on... for more info... see the website, oh, and we also have the 24/7 Video channel Æ

And now A.A.U.M. is equivalent to Rev. Al L. Aguero, Uncondemning Momus. As such we have lunched a webpage and a video series entitled, A.A.U.M. Speaks. Our page is about us as scholar, magickian, organizer, ART-WAR, Coyotel Reverend and more. Our video series, well, we want to get out our ideas we are working on for our books, as well as information that we want to attempt to communicate to the world. And so, we have now started this little 15 min or so videos, we're we speak about this or that topic. Check it out, its got four videos and will have at least one or two a week added, most like many more.

Well, that all we really have to say. Again on the youtube video series AAUM SPEAKS we finally explain our Red Goddess project, so that might interest some. Anyway, until then, Let's Rock!

**Urls will be changing and we will update you with all that.

*PLEASE during this XMess Season Consider a Generous Donation = survival (move to the bioexchange) As we give our Art and Music almost always away freely, we rely on our supporters. So please visit paypal and make a contribution - we do need the money - donate to: - and Thank You and Happy/Merry Holiday Seasons! Be Good To One Another! Amen!