Friday, June 22, 2012

Bataille Film Maker Request's Animal-Man/Animal Woman Images: Deadline 25th of June, 2012

Open Call: a short but fierce call to image makers!

Image makers, we are seeking images of man-animal (man is any gender, any sexuality, perhaps not even man anymore, metal-based machines-and-the-animal-body-parts...

We are working on a film for Bataillle, that is due to play in Portugal, early July 2012.


We are seeking those who would work for credit! You will be credited for your images in some matter that has yet to be decided. We are thinking but are not settled on either using something we call a Balance Sheet (as if credits were like debts to be paid) or in Traditional type Credits (beginning or/and end of the film).

The issue of Credits is a problem that is being address at this very moment discussions are underway as to what this means, what it would means to use other methods of crediting creators and contributors, as well as supporters and dedications... if this is of concern, please email us before submitting work, by submitting work you agree to allow us the use of your work in this Bataille celebration film, and only this film and its related promotional material, without any strings, any monetary compensation, or any compensation beyond some acknowledgement for their work.

for example: this animal headed woman from Proda

IF it makes you feel better, we aren't either being paid for our work. It is a work of a strange love, an odd devotion, a societal sickness that has given greater health, burning in little deaths, in the flames and out-worlds arrowed into the pregnant abyss beyond my words construction, sorcerers of death injunction; final push in and out, north and south, until this means nothing.

So, are you in?! If so, please, send your image and all the pertinent detail of your artistic project, such as artist-name (if different from your 'flat' name), website info, etc... and do this, please and thank thee, ASAP! As the great sage once relayed to us as we dangled over a cliff called delirium, "DON'T PANIC!" The deadline for receiving images is short, only a little bit more than over the weekend. Again, Deadline is 5pm 25th of June 2012

If we are going to use your work, you will know by July 1st 2012 at the very latest. Often you will find out immidately of our intention to use your peice, regardless of whether it makes it to the final cut, you will have acted as an inspiration and for that will be acknolodge at min, in our textual material put out with the project (the back-store, the names of all involved, those that inspired, contributed, etc).

Okay... lets see these Polymorphic Creature Photos, also accepted Polymorphic Creature-Borg/AlienNonCarbonBasedLIFE

SEND ALL WORK to Thee Uncondemning Monk's Facebook (Uncondemning Monk) OR send an email to them at: nonphilosopher (AT), with a subject Bataille ART!

Thee Uncondemning Monk (St. Stephen Agleaca), Coyote Satan High Priest, Freemason,  & Academic Scholar

The film is dedicated to the enduring memory and name that is Bataille, so much to so many; with our work we salute thee!

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

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