Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Uncondemning Current Project Report

Consumer by Levi Courville and scott hochstetter from FB 23 June 2012

So much news, so little time. We have much to blog about but not the time to blog about it. What are we working on? 

Well, The Keepers of the Fire collective has set a date for their first international release, an LP, which does not have, as of yet, a title (its still known as the first LP). The KotF collective is planning to release their first LP this September 22, 2012. Now some of you were able to preview their work on A Bataille Film. Concerning that, we are still patiently awaiting footage of the two day, July 7th & 8th, 2012 Bataille Event, held in Porta, Portugal. Our Portuguese contact will be getting us that, perhaps sometime this August. Also, please note that T.O.P.Ē. has Δ to Æ (Autonomous Explorations and the lesser know ÆIA, Autonomous Explorations In-Finite Academy). We mention Æ because there will be a Free Booklet for Æ, as in introduction to this non-organization (at least the first run, and then open in a public-domain way, as a Ratio Zero Publication of AIN23, the details on copyright and trademark issue have not been decided as this is an important issues which we are fighting, TO SHARE IS DIVINE; also OT3M, Anti-Control, Art Cult, and Æ members, ask about the TOPE-I Google Drive keep our library)

On another note there are a series of projects that we are hoping to contribute to. Right now we would like to speak about two of these. One called The Empire of Bliss, and the other The AIN23 23 Seconds of Time Project (23 SoT). And instead of describing Empire of Bliss to you, we, as is our tradition, will let them speak for themselves: [start quote] What binds us is our shared interest ( euphemistically speaking ) for urban life, magick, DIY culture, (anti)modernity and oneirology. An “Empire of Bliss” does not refer to an empire in the historical sense with its hierarchical structures, rigid bureaucracies and standing armies. It refers to the true empire, the inner domain. An empire that has been explored by mystics and magicians for centuries [end quote].

Now as just a few days back, AIN23 is excepting all sorts of audio for its fifth installation/volume of the 23 SoT project, which they describe as a cross between a cut-up and [start quote] a poetic exercise called "An Exquisite Corpse" [end quote]. Two very interesting projects. The Empire of Bliss is looking for compositions of sound that deal with, well again, we use their words: [start quote] Looking for sound artists to join in on Empire Of Bliss' Apocalyptic Summer net-compilation. Send in tracks dealing with anything related to the endtimes, babalon, squatting, aliens, TAZ, … Keep your submissions under 10 minutes so everybody gets an equal share. Tracks can be sent to, preferably before 15th August [end quote]. Or at their Facebook. And of course AIN23 also have a new theme for Volume 5, entitled, In Chaos We Trust, which you can learn more about from their website (there are some simple, but important guidelines/limits).

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  1. I look forward to the footage from Portugal. If you would like to use any of my content for your up-coming projects, please take liberties in using what you find suitable.

  2. thank you very much Sin, We will be making special copies of A Bataille film in the coming months... but first we just have to get a few projects underway before we can start on physical copies of the film to be sent out to all participants... and it will (that is the plan at least) include bonus material from Portugal, so we are also waiting on that too... but you will be one of the first to know... and thank you for the offer, very much appreciated