Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small keys, an expert from Time Cluster A-1'abc Version UM

Note: all definitions are liminally incomplete

AIN23: Atonomous Individual Network, thee 23 current, see William S. Burroughs on the number 23... AIN23 is a new manifestation of, nay a phoenix from the ashes of the carcass left as the "wreckage of history" (W. Benjamin) to his-(sorry)-story ye olde TOPYNA, a forward movement escaping destruction and condemnation by would be controllers, those who say when is this and that... seeking to escape oppressions...  

BwO ≈ Bodies without Organs, see Gilles Deleuze, see Felix Guattari


KotF ≈ Keepers of the Fire, a sound collective

MLS  Malachi Levi Spectrum, Malachi was born in the early 1990s. An incarnation of ritual magick seeking away beyond the reactionary reality of a tripart system (often disguised as a duality) ontologically being black, gray, white, the middle term graying out the magical mosaic of difference (ode to Foucault)... return to the Jack Frost Committee has taken place... MLS shall not undertake work since until the re-birthing process has outstripped its prerecording

OV ≈ witchcraft, see OV and its relationship to anceint Judaic injunctions against witchcraft and necromancy of particular kinds 

OwB ≈  Organs without Bodies, see Zizek  

Ppc  Ppc
Psy-Chick: see Urban Dictionary, sisterhood, sister-brotherhood, an S-other-hood? bonding agents, bridge-workers & bridge-players, various sites of particularization, erehwon t/here ≈ erehwyreve dis-localizations... degree ov BwO/OwB

SM ≈  ritual splace for the production of the primal scene of power as differential and sublimity

T.O.P.Æ. ≈  isotope, iso-tope, temple ov psychick exploration, free radicals, a site of education, exploration via mutual education via research and application of arts converging on the work of William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, AOS, Frater AC, Lacan, anti-psychology, experimental social configurations in the spirit of Fourier, to name a few (Pierce's linguistic operations), Alfred Korzybski, W Gray (flicker and neurobiology), ... a nonorganization, a title of a booklet that designates a situation, a site emerging forth, a headless deployment ov bridge-workers... as such we are independent work/study group and are NOT affiliated with Genesis P-Orridge, yet seeks to explore all others who have in time contributed to what was TOPY as well as contributors to that Pyschic Bible, to reestablish the rhizome that others would reduce to a pedegree, a elitest linege in face of the communism, rejecting the cult of personality without its denial, striving for an automous collective, of unified circles of circles of myriads of contrapuntal in-dependent group of in-dividual, of legions of the many uncounted, brought together by pact not contact... 

TOPYA ≈  temple ov psychick youth anonymous
TOPYNA ≈ temple ov psychick youth North America... see defunct or transformed... 

UM ≈ Uncondemning Monk, see St. Uncondemning Monk, also: St. Stephen & Aglaeca ≈ St. Stephen Aglaeca

When you are afraid of the past you lock in your future, denial and avoidance are never the right tactic, nor is creating a "he who shall not be named," nor inadvertent sanctification of  taboo terms, we seek to aid thee in setting free from the words, without denial of their resonations, does silence proceed the words or do words proceed the silence?

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

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