Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Uncondemning Bandcamp Releases: 1, 2, 3!

Getting to the heart of the matter. Today, or yesterday as the clock tells us, Thee Uncondemning Monk released not one, or two, but three bandcamp releases, as Thee Uncondemning Monk gets ready to release two more LPs on two different labels, Moon Sounds of Tao and First Earth Records.

The first release was a collection of electro-acoustic tunes, gathered together to present a sampling of the acoustic-guitar work that Thee Um has combined with experimental electronic.

Often the acoustic work is itself worked on electronically, not only intermixed with electronica and synth waves and beats. Fusing and slumping (F&S) is a continuation of the cut-up/fold-in method. Imagine a track folded in the middle. The beginning and ending now touch and form a new end, as does the fold, which was the middle and now the opposite end of the track. By F&S the tracks together, fusing and slumping is a term also used in glass blowing, it becomes a new work that can be said to encounter itself, such that its faced with its own alterity. That is F&S. But the electro-acoustic work is not just F&S. Folk's genres and other 60s/90s rock elements form the chord progression. As explained, through a process of fusing and slumping, new elements emerge. Yet we take a Captain Beef Heart attitude to the non-hypnotic elements that swim sometimes against the repetitions in our works, and insists you pay strict attention, piano pieces that often punctuate this or that chord progression. A progression that is often on the fly and off the cuff in its search of new encounters and other points of the emerging event. All in all Each.. track in an exploration into sonic worlds and understandings of musicality and what it means to do soundwork.

The next release is an experimental glitch album. Its five, no six, variations on a soundwork. Each could be said to be getting harder and crazier, glitchier than the processing variation, you decide. We highly recommend headphones, and to play Miss Glitch & Thee Um Variations loud, and repeatedly with a meditative attention. Altered states and various locations encouraged. Each listening reveals devils and angels in the folded into the waves, points of our Immortal striven for and inscribed.

The last, having already said so much in the first and then a bit more in the second LP commentary, I will say even more about this last, third and final one, 23 Unknowns Bear A Heart: Summer Processual Grooves. This is a single track, 23 minutes o.v. time, or so. Its an excursion into a new experiment with Chaosica - an emergent style that uses the chaos of synth put through an in-human process, in the sense of equality of process applied, this F&S process, arguably adds a quasi-random element or at least novelty of the unexpected, such that it creates an encounter that produces something unexpected, "random," surprise, delight, though its possibly calculable these folded souls, and their expressions. As such, chaosica is a process that strives to feel-hear the order emerging (out-in-out) of the chaos - multiplicities in the notes and waves (bound and unbound, and sub-bound, and rebound, and debound, etc.)- causing its own emergence in difference, and then to allow it to fall back upon itself in its difference from itself, this order allowed to dominate and alter the chaos is a sort of sonic dialectical engine, one divided in-two, made up of many, many's of many's, and so at last it is a process of chaotic order, something that can be very dynamic. This track then sets the backdrop to a jam that strives to be in the moment as a form of Taoist (Maoist ? T/Maoist) meditation, allowing the unconscious to come through by absence of rational or conscious thought, and so that would be the percussion(s) that punctuate and impose some what of a structure, sometimes destroying  the emerging structures, yet always in a flowing play through spontaneous improvisation.

So, those are our three releases. Each one your purchase, ah, sales pitch, each one allows us more and that more builds and creates! Enjoy the work, keep it free, keep it changing, create with it. Open for collaboration - Thee Network - Enjoin = Solving for the Algebra of Need (and Desire), for our Individual and thereby Collective Autonomy and Sovereignty In Our Immortality.

and a special thank you for that mix used in "Beacons over Eggs and Computerized Coffee"  - rabbitsquirrel, track entitled "Eggs Of Unexpected Clockwork Open Remix 2 100bpm Uncondemning Re - Re - Remix 2016". That we remixed into "Eggs Of Unexpected Clockwork Open Remix 2 100bpm Uncondemning Re - Re - Remix 2016" which then became part of "Beacons over Eggs and Computerized Coffee". so TY rabbitsquirrel.

Coyotel Rising!,
Rev. A. Aguero, Thee UM

*donations = survival (move to the bioexchange)

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