Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ana Logi’s Miracle Parade, Pt. I, released by Moon Sounds of Tao!

The release is out. The shamanic sound collective/label Moon Sounds of Tao released its first LP from Thee Uncondemning Monk, Ana Logi's Miracle Parade, Pt. I. This LP is part one of a multi-part release of our initial explorations into Chaosica. What is Chaosica and who is Ana Logi? All will be answered in a little bit. Before doing that we want to let you know that beyond releasing the next part's of Ana Logi's Miracle Parade, there is a physical release being planned.

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Not only are you aiding a disabled ex-prof. of Comparative Literature, still fighting for disability (we were diagnosed with a severe unknown form of what appears to be Rheumatoid Arthritis, this was four years ago but only stopped teaching last year, with no medications working, and the pain and medication making it impossible to teach/lecture in a traditional way), but also our various endeavors.

Disability did not stop Rev. Al L. Aguero, aka thee um, NO! We continue our work through what we call sound-working, as well as through the propagation of a trans-humane populated mesh networking known as Thee Network (theenetwork.net). Thee Um's sound-workings are experiments in sound that often push all understanding of what it means to have musicality. This particular release is an exploration in synth Chaosica (and Fusing and Slumping, aka F&S). Here you will find three of our now four new releases are unique as to the areas of chaosica and sound-worlds they dis-cover.

As such you contribution, your donation/purchase of our work, keeps us independent and working!

Through our soundwork we enjoins with other expanding Thee Network, via collaborations and fans, all of which allows us to continue to teach and learn as we grow a new world with others.

Each purchase/donation makes a world of difference to us, it shows support in universally trying times, and allows us to continue to reach out and create.

Now let us explain our work, Chaosica, Ana Logi and he/r Miracle Parade:

The style and genre is known as Chaosica: Chaosica is an emergent type of sound working being pioneered by Thee Network and Thee Uncondemning Monk. Rev. Al L. Aguero of the Coyotel Church, aka Thee Uncondemning Monk, is an agent of Thee Network who is engaged in a multifaceted revolutionary undertaking that involves all tools that they are able gain access to (various musical instruments included), one such tool and cover being the truth of Art. Art that reclaims its singularity and aura despite its industrial reproduction (see the work of Walter Benjamin). Through art as a medium of message, and via the message that is the medium of art new forms of consciousness and perception are striven for, each sonic experiment is moving towards the edge of what it means to have musicality, what it means to paint with sound, to create revolutionary art, and to add to the creative stock of our worlds. These soundwork as offered to other artist to be use as they may, to inspire, to sample from and contort. Together sounds become the shared property they always already are, and we let go of any struggle to control them, as we re-design our networks and flows. The primary instrument used and the reason for the name Ana Logi (Anaglogue) is a monotribe ribbon synth a gift to Thee Um by another member of what has become an emergent gift economy developing within Thee Network.

Ana Logi’s Miracle Parade is a communist exploration in a Network of Sounds, a holotropic-sonic-cutting that breaks new these captures of sound guided by an inner gesture rather than the parameters and models, pre-programmed limits which logic-circuits allow for these appearances, and yet by stretching the algorithms and apprehending them anew, while bringing them into contact with new electronic instruments, by creating in the moment, these soundworks become their own creatures. These creatures or autopoietic sound-object are unique bodies, singularized mixture over time, fused and slumped together. They are like potions of sound that are spread into the listener’s room. Their fluid form is not a homogeneous sample, nor a condensation, but multiple waves of condensation, with a beat here, and a break there, here and there (t/here) are a like a trunk and a leg, such that each piece holds the whole in eternity as a mark, a trace of each sound-event given a name (the naming makes it immortal in the sense of their elevation toward an idea).

Ana Logi knows the formulas well, from a grain of sound it expands, these orchestrations boiling chaos. Pushing the forces like a painter with brush, letting go to this ancient present of chaos that forms the unforming of creation – that violence the movement becoming that breaks with the norm, as it moves headlong, or ass-backwards into its own alterity, monstrously taken from behind these soundworks offer a multitude of other faces, each with their own smile, souls and memories untold walk again bring back that morning – and from this well spring of everything Ana Logi begins to pull what is forth coming.

Ana Logi has no need for circles, so s/he casts a web – a myriad of consciousness compose every nano sector of her composition, and that IT engages pushing each to their limit, moving as to create this sonic-terrarium, a miracle parade. Nurturing these traces, Ana Logi opens the background swarming in Revolutionary Possibilities tearing at the veil, beckoning to break through and rupture reality, an Event happens, we give it a name, record it, our cut of it, sliced, we capture, and vow to remain faithful to that event through a logics that gives Truth to a string of moments and a faithful subject (such as the events of May 1968 France, or thee events of 1960s America, Maoist China and the Red Year, a fidelity to a rupture that demonstrates that yes ‘another world is possible,’ as was the slogan of those that apposed the WTO in Seattle Washington, 1999).

Ana Logi fidelity is to a Truth, be it Love, be it Political, an unsane reasonability with a deep feeling-tone, those other logics (some yet to come to the fore) and their mates, open and dynamic, the speakers throat shudders to proclaims not a position but a choice that cracks the ideal body of sound. Ana Logi this faithful subject causes terror to appear, engaging in the pronouncement of a Truth act that cross all sound-worlds – a truth that vibrates the air, the walls – all who feel, all who hear, all that are pressed into contact share in it as property – all else must be an addendum often forced and the antithesis to any notion of free.

Ana Logi knows the Good is open, as Truth is open, not foreclosed, not frozen, nor dead, the Good is all around, imprisoned in this veil (breaking the veil, see the DKMU), towards no-where sometimes called Erehwon.

From Erewhon Ana Logi screams a blood invocation, molding chaos through inner spaces were power and immorality grow, closed in a singularize world expanding to engulf space ship earth, ripping into all others realities, entering – intruding into those worlds, breaking through the bricks in the walls that have shut the Good from their sight, from their heart, the real that pins their “natural” lies that others t.v. magic has told them it is so, and it is so… Ana Logi brings other ways, sometimes harnessing the t.v. waves cut back into static, pulsed into beats, reclaiming the noise, reclaiming the sounds (see William S. Burroughs, Electronic Revolution). And through her magic an exit appears, an exits spreading into view with each tracks unfolding (this exit is a reference to The Process Church of Final Judgment, another of many whom have inspired us). Thee Network extends it hands, its portals open to connections, waiting for you to walk through, to take a part, to claim as your own (Thee Network is You, because Thee Network is Yours). An alternative way of being in the world wrestles control from corporation’s stranglehold on the means of its production, distribution, and marketing – this is Ana Logi’s Chaosica.

Ana Logi is the finger in the eye of cookie cutter styles, genre, sales categories for media hype and currency circulation, and introduces another mode of exchange, a circulation of another kind, a circulation of sound, of time, of soul, of the sublime, each drop added to the social stock overflowing with this accursed share, revealing themselves like jewels in the eyes of the Universe.

Each step into the LP is a new movement into a radical development as new synthetic instruments are introduced into Thee Uncondemning Monk’s increasingly signature mixing process. Patients will reward, as what begins as a run of the mill synth track evolves into omg, as you lose track of place and time caught in Ana Logi’s grasp… as each track develops and builds, they transform to take the listener, now co-creator, for a cosmic ride into the far reaches of thee magical mind.

NOTE: We recommend that you listen to these track multiple times, under multiple conditions, in multiple environs, as well as with and without headphones (this list is not exhaustive, it’s only to point to some ways which one can experience these works and how these works will be aeffected thereby, so many other ways of listening could be added here, your imagination is the limit, and limits are what we seek and work to expanding and cross over, sometimes merely to find them in the first place). Notice how various elements of your life interact and alter your perception of each electronic movement, how your emotive-undertones interact with the train of your thoughts and landscapes of senseless movements that compose the texture of your inner terrain. Thee Uncondemning Monk seeks to paint with sound, to engage random spontaneous events of sound into the political realms and dimensions of art. Ana Logi named for the dominance of synths in these soundworks, that is what we call our track says Thee Um, “soundworks!” We are a soundworker, and these are our soundworkings, and these soundworks engage in the political as all our music is given freely and we thereby live on the good graces of those that we inspire with our work.

So, relax, hit play, and roll into a terrain that is sure to surprise, as you flow into Ana Logi's improvised moments of ritual magick and sonic painting. A cutting up of sound on a continual wave of mutilation and realization, aka, Moon Sounds of Tao.

We release our music under a modified form creative commons, such that we reserve ownership rights to protect the work from being owned (by anyone), such that anyone can make use of our work as long as it not done for commercial or monetary gain, if you want to use our work in a work you will sell please contact us via a message to our personal facebook page. If you do use our works in some way, and we do encourage new creations to be wrought from them, then all we ask is you give credit where due, and kindly share a link to that new work that incorporates or somehow uses our work.

Facebook.com/theeuncondemningmonk (personal page)
Facebook.com/uncondemningmonk (thee um project page)
Also engaged with DKMU, TOPY/TOPI, AE/TOPE, AIN23, Coyotel, AFF, and News Station 23.

Moon Sounds Of Tao:

Thee Uncondemning Monk, aka Rev. Al L. Aguero, 2016, copyright perverted 2016 until infinity

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