Monday, July 11, 2016

Reviewing Four of Eight New Releases by Agents of Thee Network

Since we last posted, there have been a slew of new releases put out by Thee Uncondemning Monk. So we are going to talk about each of them, in the order that they came out. Let's get to it.

First on the list is Earlium 13. That is it is early um, featuring such early collaborations with artists Motherhalo and Rhizome Connectome. This album goes back to the start of thee um, 2010-11. It contains 13 soundwork we find representative of that space and time in which they were produce. A long time in the making, we decided to finally bandcamp the soundworks and make it more official. There early works capture our initial and sometimes we think best attempt at painting with sound. Track no. 2, "Painting Halos" captures this  action of sound-painting well exemplified in the electronic synth-guitar solo potions that ride through out the soundwork. Many early experiments there and you can read more as each track give a bit of information to go along with the song.

The next LP up for discussion is Thee Um Curses: Coyotel Art War. That album is straight forward in the sence that this hour long two track LP are comprised of two separate curses. A curse on the NSA to make all their secrets revealed, total exposure. And a curse on the Art World that all the signatures may turn out to be written in invisible ink. Those are some of the primary intentions in our ritualized audio captures of two live curses performed in the ritual chamber of Rev. Al Aguero. For more information on these see the works themselves. Moving on, we have many works to cover, and you have little attention to spare. Ah, just fucking with you, moving onward, shall we.

                                                                                Next comes Thee Network-ing, Thee Uncondemning Monk & Agents O.V. Thee Network. This is truly one of our favorites because it is a networking. Bring together the work of four dividuals from across the globe. From Europe (Austria) to the US (New York) we connect and create together, extending our web to pull in others and extend thee network and through playing/working together we strengthen and manifest our bond. Thee Network-ing is proof of concept that thee trans-humane mesh network that is Thee Network can be made to live and thrive. The work represent 6 months of shared electronic efforts between Agitation Phi, Lien Void, Astarte 23, and yours truly, Thee Um. Occasionally others will enjoin with either ourselves or thee Austrian Wolves of Thee Network, and all come together on one of our largest (in terms of number of peoples on the track) tracks towards the end of the LP entitled, "". Thee Networking has a tale to tell and from its titles you can begin to see its theme and explorations. Those who take the time to read the bandcamp page will be infinitely rewarded as they will get a deeper understanding of the various processes that go into this working. As such we say its experimental but in our bandcamps we have increasingly, with increasing clarity been speaking about just how exactly our work is experimental and what those aim and intentional are. So do take the time to read the various bandcamp LP descriptions, and check each song individually, because sometimes we add more details to the individual tracks.

Unfolding eVoid, our next LP. What can we say about this work? We will answer that with an excerpt from the bandcamp itself, we write:

Unfolding eVoid is lengthy (2+hrs.) but small (5 tracks) set of sound sigils and magical workings by Thee Um. Now please see below, and if nothing else Note I.

The LP, Unfolding eVoid is part electronica, part glitch, dance, cut-up, experimental, poetry and prose, and ritual magic all.

"The Future is Ours, carry on the 23rd current," Calling William S. Burroughs.

We start this LP, Unfolding eVoid, with thee invocation "Gates," (but you might have started elsewhere, so be it, and so it goes...). From that invocation and opening of thee (your) gates, Unfolding eVoid, then moves to a lyrical version "Organ Faces We Bodies," which evokes Kali for (t)he/r(e) power of re-birth and re-generation. That working moves us to invocation of Burroughs in the "Calling of William S. Burroughs," invoking a portion of his immortal soul to aid and guide our workings. Finally, with the gates open, evocations and invocations made, the LP copulates, coagulates, and culminates in "EMNII," which stands as the heart of this chaos magic ritual, and finally the gates are closes with an anti-banishing that is called, "Cannbeez Mumm."

All that is asked is you have the fortitude & patients to enter into these works with a meditative state-of-becoming thereby allowing access to what is known as Thee Great Art. We know that is a lot to ask for, but that is what is required, nothing less will do, else you'd be cheating yourself of thee very experience itself.

That just leaves 4 more of the most recent releases to talk about. But we have worked hard and are tired and must leave those write-ups for another day. Until then, go and see and read about them for yourself. We are happy to say that their is now Electric Guitar, which hasn't happened yet in Thee Uncondemning Monk in a sustained away, and we think you will enjoy that work, Electric Variations: μ ∪ Φ ∪ ∅ ∪ ∀23 → ∞. Okay, until then, we will have more to say about those remaining four albums, which Electric Variations is but one thereof. And as it is, so it goes... 

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